Sep 22, 2010
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Seen in a local phone store, Saugsnmg Galxvy S5... How the hell do you pronounce that?

I've seen a lot of fake Samsungs, but this one did amuse me a bit.
Damn, I really miss the Philippines. Stuff like this made my day on a regular basis. I remember seeing Kobe jerseys that were the wrong color.
The best I've seen is a Note 2 presented for warranty repair (display u/s) which, when opened, revealed dual SIM slots but a label identifying it as a GT-N7100. The owner insisted he'd bought it from us... until I pointed out that not only was the IEMI unrecognised, but that a genuine Note 2 has more than 1GB system/8GB internal storage.

He returned the next day with proof of purchase - an A4 print of an email receipt, almost entirely in Chinese, for a "Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100): $149.99". Needless to say, it was returned within days marked "non-genuine product". The owner seemed genuinely amazed that it wasn't the real deal. :rolleyes:
even Nickelodeon makes better 'fakes'. i actually think the 'PearPhone' was a neat looking device, even if it's supposed to be a mockup of an Apple iPhone. the pear-shaped screen is just unique. we need more unique phones these days--everything looks the same!