This phone just isn't fast! Is it?

I am just not at all impressed with the speed of this phone. Never once have I had an internet page load quickly. I'm always waiting. This "fastest 4G network is a bunch of BS" And yes I'm in a major area - Minneapolis. What's the deal?


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^I live in the NW Metro and 4G on my EVO will hit ~10mbps...when it works...(No 4G at my house).

I'm debating between the Nexus S and the Photon.


Hmmm...the 4g speeds on my Nexus are very comparable to those I had on the Epic and EVO. Not sure if that's due to location (Kansas City) or pure luck.
my 3g speeds suck. anything internet related it just sits there with the little circle thing going round and round and round.... ugh. whenever I need to check something and my friend is around with his EVO I use that instead cuz I know I wont be able to with the Nexus S


I think the phone is very fast, unless your strictly talking about the internet speeds. My 3g is the same as it has been with my last 3 phones. The only chance I got to use 4g was in NYC and it was about twice as fast download on the speed test app (don't know how accurate the app is).