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This phone saved my life, Literally..But I am taking it back

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Uzza, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Uzza

    Uzza Member
    Thread Starter

    Last week I had a break in, and a guy stole my phone. After getting away i called him and told him "YOU SOB U BETTER RUN" and he was all like "THATS IT IM USING THIS PHONES GPS TO GET BACK TO YOU"

    To make a long story short, my phone sensing the danger guided him into a river, killing him instantly. After that, I got my phone back and it cured my aunts cancer (using the compass and the camera lens??!!).

    It's perfect, accept for the fact that sometimes its a little slow to render the HD video I just shot.

    So I am taking it back (sigh)...I promised I never would go with the Iphone, but here I go again.

  2. TBull74

    TBull74 Newbie

    LMFAO! Thats cool but for me iOS4 is too bland and the screen is too small. I like my big screen and true blacks!
  3. Tinyboss

    Tinyboss Newbie

    See, baddress, this is how it's done. Think of something original like this guy and you might get some laughs.
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  4. noc

    noc Member


    I've still an ipod touch on warranty that will eventually be replaced with the next gen ipod touch. Maybe that one will have retina display, and with some hopes of facetime capabilities too. Who knows, we'll find out in a month or so. Wouldn't get an iphone4 for those features though, simply because the interface is toooooo boring. love my captivate :)
  5. mafmmx

    mafmmx Newbie

    sold off my iPhone 4 last night to someone for 760.00, i am the proud owner of a Samsung Captivate and i must say, once you get around the learning curve, This phone and Android itself walks all over Apple and iOS.....

    I give the iPhone 4 2 things.....Its Camera and Retina display...thats all!

    The damn thing has so many issues and i went thru 3 of them! and still Apple has not put out a fix....

    I love Apple dont get me wrong ( own 2 iMacs and a Macbook Pro ) but as for there Pride and Joy iPhone 4, ill take a pass....

    I never new how locked down the iPhone really was until i got a REAL phone in my hands...

    The funniest thing i noticed today and i laughed about....do you know that the captivate ( or almost ANY NON iphone for that matter ) can send pics/data/media over bluetooth to any system running OSX? Like say a Macbook or iMac or Mac Pro....Guess what? you cant even send a damn picture over bluetooth using a iPhone ( made by Apple ) to a Macbook or iMac ( made by Apple )

    That is beyond the dumbest thing i never understood....

    Anyways, proud Android owner and its awesome! As i said, Apple makes awesome desktops and laptops....but as for there iP4....they might wanna re-think it....

    Sorry for the typos, on my Macbook taking a dump as we speak ;)
  6. bentroxell

    bentroxell Newbie

    My iPhone 4 has zero issues. I'm enjoying it much more than my issue-plagued Captivate. The GPS works amazingly well.
  7. blackhemi

    blackhemi Well-Known Member

    Great story too!

    but i would still keep the cappy
  8. MikeyMike01

    MikeyMike01 Member

    Samsung will put out an update for the GPS.

    Apple will never fix their stupidity.

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