Jul 30, 2010
I've been trying to work out why I only have 5.9g of my sd card available when it says only 1.9g is used in my file browser (this is the 14gb internal sd card I'm talking about).

Enabled show hidden files/folders and this .trash-1000 folder appeared with like 7gb in it. It's all the stuff I've deleted over time; movies, images etc etc.

All the stuff I delete I do via astro or when browsing the folder from my computer (ubuntu) so I'm wondering which created this file and how do I get rid of it. I can just delete the stuff in it, but I don't want to have to go through this time after time.
Just worked it out I think. I'm using ubuntu, and it must be from when I'm deleting stuff when it's in mass storage mode. Guessing I can just delete the folder.
Hi, having the same problem (using Mac OS X) but I can't delete the folder. It tries to delete to itself, i.e. place its deleted self within itself, which doesn't work, or help. Can't move to laptop trash either.
Any suggestions/thoughts gratefully received. Thanks.