This would be cool: Android as remote control for tv and other things


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I was daydreaming about cool things that "phones" will probably do sometime soon. How about remote control? I'm not sure if the wifi transmitter already built in would be able to do it, or if they would have to include new hardware. this would become the ultimate universal remote, with voice activation on everything...just consider... you could:

1) remote control for tv. download an app where you simply select the make/model of your tv and then you can use the device to change the channel on your TV.

2) other devices that use remote control like home stereo, tivo, etc.. all inside your android.

3) car keys. there must be a way to get a code so you can program a wireless transmitter to lock/unlock your car.

4) they could make small devices that you plug into the wall, between an appliance and the outlet. then all those appliances could be controlled by remote control. Now you can turn off your lights without getting out of bed...

I'm guessing the built in wifi transmitter can't do this, but I would bet that a future generation of androids will have the necessary hardware to make all this possible.


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Announced at Google IO last week:

Android Open Accessory

Google Releases The Android Open Accessory Toolkit For Adding Devices To Tablets And Phones

The takeaway here is that Android might take over anything electronic, and they all work together seamlessly, and your phone can act as a remote control for any device. The open nature of this project means that it's easy for electronics makers to adopt it.

As for current solutions: my fios DVR can be controlled by my phone as long as both devices are connected to the same wifi network. Not ideal, but good proof of concept over wifi.


I would LOVE something like this...
Phones should have RF or IR built in as well. I want to control my garage door with it...control my remote controlled window blinds, etc...
Would make access to these easier for me cause I ALWAYS have my phone on or near me!


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3) car keys. there must be a way to get a code so you can program a wireless transmitter to lock/unlock your car.

I think there is something out there like this for one particular model car, I remember seeing a commercial for a car with a phone app like this where you can check the system of the car, remotely unlock/lock, and remote start it too.


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The ps3 remote is Bluetooth so why can't Android do the same to control the ps3

Licensing I am sure. It's not a physical limitation, but a contractual one. I am just guessing here, but I don't think I am too far off.

Oh, ye of little faith - welcome to Android! ;) :)

Since this is the first thread that comes up on Google I think you should update your post by linking to this app that lets you use your android phone as a ps3 Bluetooth remote

[APP] BlueputDroid 1.1.0 (bugfix) - xda-developers

And while I'm here - a few other remotes:

5 Nifty Apps That Turn Your Android Into A Universal Remote | Gadget Lab |

I use Remote Droid for my HTPC - live by it, actually.


The Vizio tablet has a built-in IR blaster for home theater control.
I just bought one myself.

I'm trying to keep track of all the info on this tablet including rooting on my site:
Flight Instrument Systems

If anyone has gotten GingerBreak to work or would like to submit something about the Vizio tablet, mail me and I'll post it on the site. There doesn't seem to be much other user forum discussion activity on this device, but I think the IR and HDMI out give it some interesting potential.

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I've thought about this too if there were such thing as a wifi enabled little ir blaster "cone" I could set by my rack and a logitech harmony app for android, hoo buddy.


I played with the remote app for this first time last night, and I only had success adding my Sony TV's to the device profile.

I tried to add my Amp, and there wasn't a lot of devices in the Pioneer section.

I have a VSX-1019AH-K , and I couldn't find a good alternate device with similar codes. And after I selected "Load Additional Choices" and tried to individually choose remote function codes the app crashed.

But that was the first and only Force Close event I have had on this tablet so far. So I think the remote app is just 1.0 and needs some patches for new devices and crashing. The base hardware is there and is working fine.

Also plays 1080p video in mVideoPlayer hardware-accelerated with no lag, and mirrors the entire display over HDMI. Just need the same kind of support for 1080p MP4 video in a .MKV container and I'm set!

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Palm used to have an app that did this. Most Palm PDAs had infrared. Using a TV remote to check if your camera will work for infrared pictures still involves pointing the remote at the camera. If your camera sees the IR, you are good.


OK, I didn't even think to try the camera as an IR input source!

I think they would typically use an IR eye instead like the Microsoft one on my Windows Media Center 2005 setup. I believe the Palms also had IR eyes to exchange business cards, etc.

I think the built-in camera's iris or exposure setting might unfortunately already be set up to filter out and kill the light pulses from an IR blaster... just my 2c.

Anyway, even if we had the codes, there's no way to customize the Vizio app to add them... so I guess we need root and a new root-pivileged IR app. Or is an IR-blasted now part of Google's API and we could look forward to a Market app to replace the Vizio one?


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I can already control my laptop music and whatnot from my phone (via GMote), so something like this is more along the same lines.


OK, but Gmote and all the iPhone "remotes" are all WiFi IP-based, so that's cheating.

I'm looking for complete A/V system control via InfraRed and eventually macro support.