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Thoughts after 1 full day. (Plus questions)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SeriousBizznass, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. SeriousBizznass

    SeriousBizznass Well-Known Member
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    Jul 9, 2010
    Software Engineer
    I really enjoy this phone. Former iPhone owner to Blackberry, and now to this phone. It is leaps and bounds above the prevoius mentioned phones.

    The bloatware really doesn't bother me, and I removed the icons from the swipe screens. I turned Swype on and my messaging has gotten so much faster. Over all, I'm very happy with this phone. Not to metion it's gorgeous.

    I like the stock launcher, but I really wish I could put the GMail app in it, as opposed to the slow app that is there right now. I just turned it off from ever checking email and am using the push gmail app.

    What launcher are you guys using? I can't seem to find one that is allows me to customize it, but is as nice looking as OEM. I really liked how on the iPhone & Blackberry you could pick what you want in that bar. Is that possible? Am I just missing something?

    Also, I can NOT get this thing to mount to my Mac. Even with the thread that was posted last night (I can't find it now for a link). That is annoying me, but over all, I'm in love and completely sold.


  2. TikiDroid

    TikiDroid Member

    Jul 14, 2010
    Network Administrator
    SoFlo, USA
    You can customize what you have on your "menu bar" on the launcher.
    1. Open app drawer.
    2. Press menu, Select View Type. Customizable Grid.
    3. In Customizable grid view press menu.
    4. Select Edit.
    5. You can now drag any program you want on the launcher "menu bar".
    6. Press menu, Select Save.

    I moved the gmail app to the launcher menu bar because it does push and I don't have to wait at least 5 minutes for the other mail app to auto sync.

    I happen to like the stock launcher. What I do not like is the the pattern unlock - I'd rather an alpha-numeric option. Guess I'll have to wait for 2.2 for that.

    Nice phone, very vibrant colors. I compared it to my co-worker's DroidX and Evo4g this AM. They were impressed by the color, thinness, video playback and sound.
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