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Thread to list all update problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iamloco724, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i have 2 problems so i figure other people might have the same or more

    mine are the lag in the browser
    and the keyboard light doesnt go on automatically after reboot

    list your bugs with this update here

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  2. gopher1

    gopher1 Lurker

    my problem is that if i use the video camera for more than 20 seconds the camera app force closes. after it fc's i can no longer open the app plus the keyboard doesn't light up anymore. i cant turn the phone off by holding the lock button but if i take the battery out then it will start working again (camera app too, unless i take a video for more than 20 secs again).
  3. Doodle

    Doodle Lurker

    When it first came up after the update, screen was super bright and the four navigation buttons and keyboard were not backlit. It't dark in the room so the screen should be dim and backlight on. Seems to be fixed by going into the display settings >> brightness, uncheck 'auto' and drag all the way down (left), then re-check 'auto'.
    Also, the stock widget for controling the radios, synch, and brightness is now big and black - kinda ugly if you ask me (not really a problem, just an observation).
  4. Geoj

    Geoj Guest

    Hmm, I just got the update and have the same problem...
  5. bthoward

    bthoward Well-Known Member

    Hrm... I just took a 2 minute video and played it all back with no issues other than a short bit of digitization at one point in time. Not sure if that was in the recording or just an issue in the playback of the video. But it was only for about 1 second of the 2 minute video...
  6. jtraveler

    jtraveler Lurker

    There seems to be a new bug with the keyboard backlighting, albeit a minor one. After the reboot, the keyboard backlighting will not work. Also, if I power down and then power up, the keyboard lighting will not work either. Both are easily fixed by adjusting the brightness under sounds and display in the settings.

    For me, I have to select auto brightness and then remove it in order to get it to work.
  7. Bobarazzi

    Bobarazzi Newbie

    I am having the opposite thing...my keyboard backlight stays on as long as the slider is open...the home keys (back button, search etc...) lights stay lit while the screen is on...which I'm loving...I hated when the keyboard light would go out while I was pausing , during text input.

    Between this and my camera looking better, and snappier response...I am very happy with update.
  8. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Once my keyboard light is on i have that also its a positive because of yu said but its gotta be negative on battery
  9. Abcdef

    Abcdef Lurker

    I agree with this as well. My keyboard would go dark after about 5 seconds of not typing on it. With the new update, the keyboard stays on if it is slid out. I like this functionality.
  10. aaron19953

    aaron19953 Well-Known Member


    Also my video is working fine, i'm a happy man..

    -=<> Aaron <>=-
  11. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast

    Yes I recieved the update last night and so far I am having a few issues. My temp on my multimedia station does not display the temp. Also my volume is over all lower when I have the volume all the way up. I hate the new lock screen which if you dont unlock it immedietly it times out within 5 seconds and goes back to sleep, very annoying to say the least. On the pro side of things, it appears the default browser loads about 10% faster which is always nice.
  12. Decus22

    Decus22 Well-Known Member

    After I forced Updated my keyboard backlight is using the light sensor to come on and turn off. I opened my phone after reading this thread and couldn't tell if it was on or not so I stuck it under my desk and sure enough it wasn't on but in about a second mabye two it came on so I removed it and it went off even if I pushed a key it would not come on untill I put it back under the desk. I would say if your light is staying on all the time your in a low enough light condition or your sensor is dirty or possably malfunctioning. If its not comming on at all try putting your phone in a darker place or putting your finger over the sensor.
  13. v-6 nolo

    v-6 nolo Member

    i had the backlight problem but a power cycle fixed it, what i cannot fix is after the update, some contacts are now missing, but DO show up if i search. I set up only sync gmail so i have a backup on the cloud, but it is not pulling all my contacts. really effin annoying.
  14. square

    square Android Enthusiast

    same. mine buttons are off after a reboot, once i mess with the brightness setting, they stay on. i don't like this..not good if you're watching videos in a dark room.
  15. drwits

    drwits Newbie

    did the manual update found at bgr... i'm not having any of these issues.

    keyboard backlight and video working fine... os is way snappier. i might be having some lag in the default browser though
  16. tolas

    tolas Newbie

    Haven't noticed any real problems yet. I'm torn on the new power and music widgets, but I think I'll be alright with them.

    One thing I love, is that it seems to have fixed the left channel 3.5mm audio crackle problem. I'd love for someone else also to confirm this for me.
  17. d4n0

    d4n0 Lurker

    I almost pooped a cow when my keyboard backlight just quit working. So weird! Changing the brightness from the power widget also brought it back FYI
  18. BCK

    BCK Newbie

    My keypad backlight will not work only if it power cycle the phone in a dark room. Have to go to Setting> Display to manually turn it on.

    But if you power cycle your Droid in a lighted room, then it is working fine from the start.

    I also have the temp issue with Docking station.
  19. jba999

    jba999 Lurker

    My video playback stopped working with the new update. I found that the SD card storage had been turned off so I turned it back on and was able to play videos that I had taken. Then for some reason it stopped working and just as suddenly started to work again. Doesn't do a lot for confidence in the video playback--it captures without a problem.

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