Three have changed their Pay Go tethering policy!


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Hi all..

I phoned three yesterday to get a PAC to transfer to another provider.. (no real problems with them) I dreaded the conversation after other posts about talking you to death with options..

However they asked me for a reason and I thought i had the magic answer (and THE reason for changing) I said You don't allow Tethering on Pay and Go.. He said they do. I quoted their policy from my web page that says you can't. He said it had "changed from July 17th and If people want to use their credit for data they should be able to do what they want"

It took the wind out of my sails so I didn't want ot chat on with this.

Next thing i tried was set up a hot spot from my Xperia XA, tethered my Acer iconia and browsed for a good 5 minutes to test it out using around 5Mb of Data. I didn't get any pop up saying to close down the phone and re-start it, as the Three site says. Then.. thinking it may not detect an android device as tethered i set up my Win 10 PC.. this is working fine too!

So it does seem that, in my limited test, they have changed their policy. I googled it but only found loads of pages saying they got rid of their 'unlimited data' plan.. not the same thing at all.

Anyone else tried this lately?

I will still leave 3 as I can get 1p perMb Data/ 1pText/ 1p per min Phone from 1p mobile. They also allow tethering also.. but as I'm actually phoning more it is cheaper (1/3rd) than Three which has 1p Mb. 2p Text, 3p Phone calls.

I rarely need tethering but it is nice to be able to do it
Just a little surprised to find this out.. might help someone.


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I still says it won't work for PYGO although it 'does work' They claimed it was last month.. Who do you trust. Some support people will say anything to keep you.. :(


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Sometimes websites take a while to get updated as lawyers need to review published policy. The fact that it DOES work is the best indication of the change in policy. That's not to say next month they can change it back without notice. :thinking: