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Three of my favorite time killing games!!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jree, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. jree

    jree Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    In no particular order, Bonzai Blast(like a bejeweled game), Laser Reflect(Strategy Game), and Word Drop(scrabble and crosswords combined)

    These are quite possibly the best games that I have that help me kill time. Last night while I was studying and I thought that I would take a break and play bonzai blast for a half hour then get back to studying. Next thing I know it was 1:30 am.

    I highly recommend these games if you got sit around and need some brain stimulation

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  2. 0sync0

    0sync0 Well-Known Member

    So what time did you start playing to get your brain stimulation?
  3. jree

    jree Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sorry, I put the books down at around 11:30, got a snack, kissed the wife good night, grabbed my phone, and completley loss track of time.
  4. Rob_A

    Rob_A Android Expert

  5. zaim87

    zaim87 Lurker

    recently started playing Jewels and Toss It, both simple but surprisingly addictive games.
  6. hood420

    hood420 Android Enthusiast

    My two favorite games are Puzzle Blox Arcade and Cestos, they allow to play a few minutes at a time and are always entertaining.
  7. cambria83

    cambria83 Newbie

    Most recently I've been addicted to Slugs. It has about 50 levels and can be pretty challenging.

    I'm also a huge fan of both Bebbled and Lineup.

    Currently waiting on the imminent release of Angry Birds for Android. it's in final testing phase now!
  8. ohnono

    ohnono Newbie

    I had a game already preloaded on my old phone named brickbreaker. Had really cool sounds. Just found new game very similar called break the blocks no sounds.
    anyone know of a similar free game with sounds.
  9. norald

    norald Lurker

    Just recently discovered Sworm - finally a Snake game worth playing it - actually quite challenging.
  10. droidberg

    droidberg Member

    Battleflood and Word Drop are awesome. Really starting to like Alchemy with it's current interface.
  11. Wbarger

    Wbarger Newbie

    Love alchemy! I have around 250/270 elements now amd the last 20 are killing me.

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