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Throttled before the month started......

Discussion in 'Boost Mobile' started by MLSS, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So on December 31st I got a text and email stating that I had reached my 2.5gb data limit and would be throttled until January 31st 2014.

    I called boost mobile and after only a few minutes on hold I got to speak to a real person. The young lady was very nice. She listened to my problem, the fact that it wasn't even January and I hadn't even paid my bill for January and she put me on hold...... 5 minutes later she informed me not to worry about it because there was no way I was throttled and they don't know why I received the email and text. She told me to call back if indeed I was throttled though and they would remove the throttle.

    So I wake up yesterday morning and indeed I was throttled. I waited a few hours to make sure and then called back and got to talk to "mike". Mike listened to my story and then informed me that me speeds are slow because they are doing upgraded in my area (which is Sprints way of saying screw you, we don't want to deal with you). I told him I did not believe that it was a fluke that I got an email telling me I was throttled and then my data speeds dropped to throttled speeds. He told me that he was right and then preceeded to call me a liar. I ask to speak to his supervisor, I explain it all to him, he puts me on hold for 6 to 10 minutes telling me every couple minutes he is working hard on my issue. He then comes back on and tells me there is an outage in my area, I told him that there weren't many sprint towers in my area so if there was an outage II wouldn't have any data and that I have dealt with outages and this was not the problem. I told him the other guy said they were doing upgrades so which was it. He stumbled over himself for 2 minutes without giving me an answer.

    At this point I am getting annoyed and I told him that they were wrong and they need to fix this. He told me I was just trying to make trouble, so I hung up passed all the way off!

    So yesterday evening I contact boost through there Facebook page. They wrote back through the wall post and told me to message them. I sent them a message telling them the entire story in detail. Today they finally message me back that my account indeed has a throttle on it and they cannot figure out why but they would be escalating my issue up to there engineers and they would be working hard on it.

    So being thrilled that someone finally admitted it, I thought this would be fixed in no time..........

    I'm working and I am busy and I have no other phone but they tell me that they need another phone number to Contact me. I explain that I have no other phone and that if need be they can send me step by step instructions if I need to do anything to my phone and I would write it down and do it.
    After an hour they sent another message stating that they have passed my issue on to an engineer and to please be patient.

    They called me a liar and a trouble maker, lied to me 3 times and I need to be patient..........

    and the saga continues........

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  2. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid.

    That might be true - Sprint is upgrading their entire network right now, it's supposed to be complete this summer. You can find your local area market at S4GRU.com and see if your city is being worked on.

    Forums for local markets at S4GRU.com (Sprint 4G Rollout Updates):
    Network Vision Market Discussions - Directory Thread - Markets - Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
  3. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    So my data was throttled and they reset my data and gave me the instructions to do a factory data reset on my phone. I did that and now my data is working well.

    They still have not addressed the way I was treated but at least they lifted my throttle
  4. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  5. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So for my trouble I was told that they are very sorry that I was called a liar and given the run around but there is nothing they can do about so have a nice day!

    This may be my last month with Boost Mobile...... 3 Year's of loyalty and I get treated like a dog.
  6. mikegmoney

    mikegmoney Android Enthusiast

    Same thing happened to me when I switched from the daily plan back to the monthly.got the text 3 days after I switched...but i might have found a loop hole on the throttling... she had been capped for about a week and then I had to change my wifes fone # (due to some asshole ex-husband problems..) her speeds went back up to the normal 2 mbps verses the 30 kbps when she was capped...I changed my # a day or 2 after that and it did the same thing.so im not sure if I just got lucky that one time or if its some kind of loophole with boost...if any1 changes their # and has the same results PLEASE POST IT...Thanks
  7. rockdoctor1

    rockdoctor1 Well-Known Member

    I would look around, there are much better providers out there that were not around 3 years ago. I also have had it with Boost, they definitely do not make available all of sprint owned towers to us as they do to their post paid Sprint customers....

    With that said, I was throttled last week...thank goodness they sent me a text and email other wise i would have not have known it... Am no slower then normal... 2.8 gigs, throttled email and it seems normal speed to me...

    Walmart has some great plans that are unlimited plus you can do a SIM only and use your unlocked GSM phone.... Can you say Nexus.... :) Sprint was an good provider but Boost stinks...there are so many other unlimited plans for $40-50 now. No reason to deal with them. Good luck, i hope you can find a service provider and phone your like.

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