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Throwing up the white flag

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by quantumandroid, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    6th tbolt refurb almost turned into fireball after I plugged it in overnight. Didn't charge, luckily I woke up and touched it, it was almost to hot to pick up. Sent it back and using 5th refurb that don't read SD card. Out of the blue they are shipping a charge, I talked two weeks ago about maybe trying one, not in stock. They just shipped one when in. I'll try it, but it will probably be returned and I will use defect tbolt #5. Next tbolt soon. They gave me an early upgrade option, but I'm not buying a bionic because of the screen, and I paid $250 for a launch tbolt. This has crushed my will, I'm ready to just cancel and go to a flip phone. If only the prime or vigor were out.....when I switched to Verizon and the tbolt I would have never imagined this would happen. At this point I almost wish I had my EVO back. The person I sold it to has no problems to this day. I just don't care anymore very unhappy. Any suggestions?


  2. Wolf Howl

    Wolf Howl Newbie

    I'd say jump.
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  3. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    Off a bridge or to another phone?
  4. Axe_1

    Axe_1 Member

    I know how u feel. On my seventh incredible when I had the incredible. Luckily, it was a good one. Low talk time for hours. One will ask themselves, "do I really need a smartphone?" Think about it. It's a luxury or convenience. Just like a convenience store. I'm still on my first thunderbolt and not giving it up unless I get different flavor phone. Just keep in mind as much as it sucks, keep returning the defective like new crap until u get a good one. Hope this helps!
  5. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Well-Known Member

    I feel for you and honestly can't believe you even got beyond 2 refurbs before feeling this way. I had a problem with my Droid 2. Fairly minor problem too, but because I couldn't fix it myself it just kept bugging me to the point where I stopped enjoying my phone and thought seriously about jumping back to a headache free flip phone.

    Then I realized...with unlimited texting and vznavigator I'd be paying the same amount as my data plan but with an inferior phone, so what's the point?

    Don't lose faith in smartphones man. There will be issues, but the pros far outnumber the cons. And since Verizon wants to keep you as a customer, they'll do whatever they have to while the phone is under warranty to take care of ya. I wouldn't want to trade my bolt for a charge, but after having 6 of them? Who knows.

    I would say whatever you do, don't pay to upgrade to something like the bionic yet. Wait it out until the prime or vigor come out and hopefully you can jump on that.
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  6. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    Thank you I appreciate the advice. Even if the charge turns out to be ok, I would be constantly plagued with the the fact the tbolt has gingerbread, that is if it is released this month. From what I understand it does increase speed and it offers a universal eq.
  7. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Well-Known Member

    Just wondering, how early was your early upgrade they gave you? Did you sign a contact when you got your bolt or is it older than that? My next upgrade isn't until next April but if they'd give me an upgrade when the vigor came out, i might jump on it and do a happy dance
  8. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    Bought my original on 3/17 launch day. Switched to a family plan sometime in august.
  9. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    A couple of problems I'd have with taking their early upgrade offer and taking a different phone is the different phone is more than likely going to be a refurb from another phone, and the early upgrade, what are the chances that they tell you that since they're making an exception for you that you can't take your unlimited 4G data plan with you? I'm thinking I'm just going to pay outright for one of the new phones and then sell my TB outright, after I send it in for a refurb since I'd hate to dump the problems of my TB onto a prospective buyer.
  10. paigow

    paigow Well-Known Member

    how in the world does someone have bad luck with 6 phones? did you have problems with any other phone before the thunderbolt?
  11. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    I've only had to return 1 phone under warranty and had to send back one refurb. The reason I returned it is the phone that Verizon sent me had a chrome piece that was scratched. The next phone they sent me, the chrome piece looked like it was sanded down. The sad part is that Verizon Wireless is raking in the profits. You'd think that they'd allocate some of those profits to improving the quality of some of their refurbs.

    But I digress. Go look at all the "refurb hell" threads out there and you'll see that his issue isn't unique with the TB.
  12. paigow

    paigow Well-Known Member

    well to be fair buying refurb means getting a used phone that has passed manufacture test for reliability.
    yea it is pretty cheap of them that they can't even replace a worn piece when im sure they have boxes full of parts, but as long as the product performs as it should, thats all you can wish for refurbished.
  13. JnEricsonx

    JnEricsonx Android Enthusiast

    And here I thought I had bad luck in the universe, had my TBolt since beginning of May, and-knock on wood-its still running just fine.
  14. brandonrr

    brandonrr Newbie

    it took me 4 tries to get a good, working TBolt. you just gotta be patient and keep getting refurbs until you get a good one. it can be irritating as hell, but what else can you do? at least they don't charge shipping right?
  15. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    Well, I finally gave in after Verizon offered an early upgrade. They bombarded me with phones. I received a charge, new tbolt, and 7th refurb. I did not order the refurb tbolt or the charge. I tried the tbolt first, and I think a miracle occurred. The refurb they sent me has been perfect. Returning the charge and new tbolt. Not even a hicup. This tbolt is perfect. Very happy. And to think I could have wasted $300 on a bionic and had one right now. The bionic screen is not an upgrade in my opinion, although it does have gingerbread and dual cores. I'm sticking with HTC, I'm my opinion they still do have the best phones. Dual core will not be a necessity software-wise for at least another year. Very happy and proud tbolt owner right now.
  16. Axe_1

    Axe_1 Member

    Awesome. I'm glad it worked out for ya. It can be very frustrating with the phones they send out. Often wonder if they even check the phones before they send them out

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