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Thunderbolt just plain better than bionic?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by quantumandroid, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    Was having issues (5 refurbs) Verizon finally offered an early upgrade. I happened to be in the store when they offered. I instantly thought bionic. I looked at the floor model and instantly was thrown back at how bad the screen looked. I tweaked it but it still looked bad. I went to the market and was shocked, the colors were horribly washed out and greens looked brown. Upon further inspection I found it to be no smoother than the thunderbolt, plus it has motoblur. Definitely not getting, the thunderbolt is much better in my opinion. I decided to go with 1 more refurb, if not im going to buy a new tbolt until the vigor is released.

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  2. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    I'm excited to hear what beats technology will bring. I listen to a lot of music and have monster turbines right now. Watching videos of what they did with HP hardware I definitely am excited.
  3. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Yeah I would suggest waiting for the vigor. The screen you described sounds about right, it is supposed to be better for seeing in the sun or something like that but I don't like to give up my blacks to gain something I don't need
  4. robrecht

    robrecht Android Enthusiast

    I don't have any experience with the MB yet so I can't say which is better, but by going with the TB I've had amazing 4G LTE speeds since 3/17 for only $75. Can't complain about that, and it still works great for me. No reason to upgrade until something significantly better comes along. Probably not the Vigor, but I will be following the Nexus Prime rumors very closely. 4.65" HD screen sounds very tempting. If it doesn't come with the Nexus Prime, maybe I'll wait longer.
  5. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    I've had experiences with blur, I can't think of anything it does better than sense, and I hate sense
  6. Hardstyle

    Hardstyle Well-Known Member

    my TBolt sucked i never had 4g at my house but when i got my bionic i had 4g. the pentile screen doesnt bother me at all unless i hold the phone close to my face then u could see pixelation. i like motorolas UI alot more than sense but i guess that is cuz all i owned b4 my TBolt was the OG Droid and a Droid x.
  7. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Android Expert

    to me, the screen is everything on a smartphone right now. and the ones motorola have been putting in their phones are simply, terrible. QHD is a marketing term for this phone, it is a lot easier to read text on my TB than on my buddys D3. the colors on the TB just POP in comparrison to the D3/x2/bionic.

    and for those wondering why the processing power is not a selling point. it is all in the smoothness for me...and in that respect TB>DB. i still noticed lag, motoblur was a bit glitchy, i didn't notice apps opening any faster ect. until android really uses the dual core processors, it is just another marketing term.

    i have faith in my next phone. by then ICS will be out, and hopefully the droid,samsung,nexus prime will be on verizon.
  8. Thats

    Thats That guy is This

    My input to this subject: Can I flash a radio or kernel other than Moto's? No? Ok, pass on that phone.
  9. paigow

    paigow Well-Known Member

    i already wrote a HUGE wall of text in the other thunderbolt/bionic thread so i won't go into all the details but i have both phones.

    i've own the TB since release, and the bionic obviously a few days. long story short im keeping my thunderbolt and giving the Bionic to my wife.

    the Bionic does have a lot going for it, but when it comes down to the things i use the most i just couldnt give up the thunderbolt.
  10. quantumandroid

    Thread Starter

    Another person that thinks the same way about the tbolt. Software is not to the point dual core is necessary. Tbolt has smooth UI, good screen and is overall better than bionic in my opinion. HTC has their stuff together on the hardware front for sure.
  11. snuggles

    snuggles Android Enthusiast

    My coworker just got a bionic with a screen that looks nothing like its name suggests. That screen looks hideous side by side with my TB. All I can say is WOW...
  12. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    4.65" screen actually sounds a little more clumsy than the TB. With the TB, I can barely keep one finger wrapped around the base (last finger joint barely bends around the phone) while bringing my thumb around to the opposite side of the screen (doing things 1-handed with the TB--and no don't go there). I don't want a phone that I'll be required to hold it with 2 hands to interface. If that's the case I'd just go ahead and get a tablet.
  13. Cinder

    Cinder Guest

    I'm wondering how much processing power one really needs in a handheld device. I stand by the belief that by far the most valuable upgrade any manufacturer could possibly make is a clear breakthrough in battery capacity. I really could care less if a phone has two cores, four cores (seems more and more like marketing than anything else).

    First company to the battery breakthrough checkpoint wins the race imo.
  14. paigow

    paigow Well-Known Member

    EXACTLY! when i put the bionic side by side with my bolt i could notice how much nicer the bolt looks. but im sure if you were to look at the bionic screen alone it would look better then most phones.
    don't get my wrong the bionic is still a great phone better then most out there but i think it just fails in ways it shouldnt have for the hype and price they put it at.
  15. jdsingle

    jdsingle Android Expert

    Really? I think Beats are overpriced and overrated. HTC definitely did this for marketing over quality IMO
  16. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Android Expert

    i agree with that....its been a while since i have listened to beats, but i was unimpressed with them.
    maybe because it was when they first came out, maybe because i just listened to the demo music in best buy, but my sonys sounded just as good and cost $100 less at the time.

    BUT....any improvement in sound quality is a bonus for me....i WILL NOT pay extra for it, but if is just thrown in all their phones from now on to get more people on board, i will be happy
  17. AntimonyER


    I just got my wife a Droid 3 (She refuses to use anything other than a phone with a physical keyboard). It is her first android phone, so I helped her set up everything. I came away loving Sense all the more for the experience, so many of the things I take for granted took forever to figure out on Blur. Like why are facebook contacts automatically included in phone contacts. Took me forever to figure it out. Same goes for linking facebook profiles to phone contacts, just not intuitive like it is on my phone.
  18. TeMpTeK

    TeMpTeK Lurker

    Had the Thunderbolt....used a friends upgrade and swapped him for the Bionic..Have to agree the Bionic's screen is horrible compared to Thunderbolt...The resolution seems so much smaller than the thunderbolt too..The only plus for the bionic is that the 4g is much more reliable than the T'bolt...For me this is important.. I am much more impressed with HTC's displays over motorola.. The bionic hasnt converted me.... Hope HTC can get the 4g to work reliably in the future..
  19. Funderbolt

    Funderbolt Well-Known Member

    Sorry man, got to take issue with this. "Famous last words" applies here. Remember PC's......XT, AT, Pentium, Dual Core, etc..... Mark my words, processing power will ALWAYS remain important, because software bloat is inevitable.

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