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General Thunderbolt Web Browsing On 4G (Wow)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Eleer, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Eleer

    Eleer Member
    Thread Starter

    I found this video on another forum and I figured I'd post it up in here. I've never seen this video before, and it's definitely a video that will remind you why we are all (trying) to patiently wait for this phone. Great video.



  2. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert

    lol. that is faster than my internet at home. stupid AT&T.
  3. N00B Moment

    N00B Moment Member

    That is very fast wich is VERY cool!

    That is all. . . . . .
  4. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Android Enthusiast

    Is that an RSS Feed button?, yes! :p
  5. jayishere

    jayishere Android Expert

    that is sick, lol
  6. Atrav

    Atrav Newbie

    That's really fast. I'm very impressed.
  7. woodstorm

    woodstorm Android Enthusiast

    Nice. I was hoping they wouldn't throttle the 4g data on the phones. We have had the air cards at work for a while. They are as fast as cable internet.
  8. dajogejr

    dajogejr Member

    I'm at the point where my GF is tired of this phone...lol.
    I should probably stop playing videos of it in front of her...

    That speed is indeed impressive. Obviously it's on 4G while the phone is in use.
    I would like to see a real world video of it only being on 3G and the phone at the same time.
  9. jayishere

    jayishere Android Expert

    I'm at the point where I don't want to watch any more videos. I want to make mine, with the phone.

  10. Bwangster12

    Bwangster12 Member

    Its great they show voice/data simultaneously, but I wish they would have done it over 3g. They are doing over 4g in this video right?
  11. Eleer

    Eleer Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes, they are doing the browsing over 4G LTE.
  12. jayishere

    jayishere Android Expert

    why wouldnt they show off 4G speeds? Everyone has seen 3G speed before.
  13. dajogejr

    dajogejr Member

    True Dat....but no one on VZW has seen net AND voice at the same time...and more people are stuck on 3G for now until LTE rolls out further.

    I think that's what they want to see/know. :)
  14. Eleer

    Eleer Member
    Thread Starter

    I see what you're saying, but this is the first 4G phone for Verizon and people are curious to see what the difference is between 3G and 4G. Obviously from this video, there is a substantial difference.
  15. yetsko

    yetsko Newbie

    i've posted this on other threads, but figured it was relevant here. trying to get what people think about this info, and obviously, take it with a grain of salt.

    so i just heard something new from my local verizon rep, and maybe this is old news, but it was a shock to me. after asking several questions about signal strength and 4g-related questions, she told me that on the 24th, the thunderbolt would be available, but would only run on the 3g cdma network until summer, when they would officially launch the mobile 4g lte network. this would mean that no matter where you are, the thunderbolt would only be 3g till some time this summer. she called it a "4g ready" phone, to be later upgraded to 4g.

    did i miss this? i was under the impression that if you were in a 4g city, it worked at launch. i guess i was being overly optimistic...
  16. dajogejr

    dajogejr Member

    They have 4g USB modems right now.
    They have 4g LTE in plenty of cities now (Metro Detroit just got done this week)
    That is the biggest bunch of BS I've ever heard.
    If they can put it in the test phones, the display phones at both CES and MWC, they can release it to the public.
    Way too much advertising behind it for it to release on 3g.

    She is off her rocker....
  17. yetsko

    yetsko Newbie

    i really hope so. but why would she share this information with me? either she's crazy, crazy misinformed, or verizon is set to screw this launch even more.
  18. Geidroid

    Geidroid Member

    Most likely she is confusing 4G with VoLTE (Voice over LTE)
  19. Pretkomel

    Pretkomel Well-Known Member

    My internet at home is faster :)
  20. yetsko

    yetsko Newbie

  21. spartan141

    spartan141 Android Enthusiast

    i think what she meant was that for those of us who are not in a lte market will still be able to buy the phone but it will only run on 3g. and when lte finally comes to those of us who do not have it yet, we will be able to utilize it via an "upgrade".
  22. dajogejr

    dajogejr Member

    That makes perfect sense Spartan...I agree.
  23. yetsko

    yetsko Newbie

    i don't get why she would say that to me, who currently live well within the lte coverage area of atlanta. i even brought that up to her.

    not sure. maybe i'll just pretend that she didn't know what she was talking about. maybe she misread her memo and that was exactly what it meant.
  24. dajogejr

    dajogejr Member

    Because she's uninformed, misunderstood...or incompetent.

    They have demo'd it at CES and MWC with 4G browsing speeds...why they'd neuter their first LTE phone makes no sense.

    I think she has her wires way crossed!
    yetsko likes this.
  25. So what actually happened?

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