May 23, 2011
I know there are several posts and threads about this, so I'm hoping I'm not spamming. I'm new, and just bought the Continuum about a month ago. It was already updated with the 2.1.1. firmware when I bought it.

My question/problem is that the only thing that appears on my Ticker is my texts. My voice mails, emails, fb account, gmail, rss feeds, everything doesn't. I've synched my accounts but still to no avail. Due to my complete lack of understanding electronics, I'm not comfortable rooting the phone unless I take this one back (and they give me a new one) and it's still messing up. So, basically...I'm wondering if anyone has any advice? Should I take it back? I'm seeing a lot of you are having this problem even with the new ones you're receiving, so I'm not sure that's the proper avenue. Should I just crack and root the d!@# thing???

With Much Thanks :)
I had the same problem when I first got my phone. The sales person at Verizon who did the initial set up did it wrong. I wound up having to reset my phone to factory, and do the set up myself. That would be my advice to you. First, make sure you back up all of your contacts in gmail. As for any apps you've downloaded (paid or free), Market should keep them in store since it goes off of your phone number and ESN. all you have to do is re download them. You won't have to pay for any apps again. The set up is pretty simple. You shouldn't have any issues with it. If you would like, you can e'mail me at and I'll give ya my phone number. That way I can walk you through the set up, if you need it. There may be a way to get it working without doing a factory reset, but I don't know how to do it. As for rooting, you don't need to, and I wouldn't recommend it. At least not until it's out of warranty.