Time Calculator app


An app that would let you add and subtract time for time reporting/man hrs. Example: If I worked from 8:41am till 10:13pm monday = Hrs. Min. + Wednesday I worked 5:15am till 12:45pm = Hrs. Min.


If myself and 3 other workers work monday from 8:37am till 12:52pm and tuesday 6:15am till 3:00pm = Man Hrs. min.
Please make an app to calculate time; something like Calc Zero Time for iPhone.

I just switched to my first Android phone (a nexus one :D) and am loving the sheer number of advantages. I'm a collegiate runner and i use a time calculator to estimate time to distance at a certain pace and to find the pace of a certain run (e.g. 15:22 for 3 miles; so 15:22/3 = _min/mile)


Edit: updated to version 1.2. now has much larger fonts and some color added to specific buttons. also added subtraction of times (however it can't do negative values, just goes down to zero if you subtract greater than the total from the total - keep that in mind).

Please download from: AndAppStore : TimeCalc
there's a barcode installer there as well.

original message:

New App: TimeCalc - Time addition calculator (hh:mm:ss etc)
Out of the desire to write an app for android finally, and one that hasn't been done yet (at least not free that I can find on the market currently), and out of a necessity for just this kind of app since I work in music often and calculators are useless for hh:mm:ss types of addition, I decided to write what I feel is a truly useful utility.

of course it's free - but no I'm not releasing the source code. It sucks, and I'm just learning android development, and I just want to get this out there on the market sometime soon (but don't have the required $25 to pay for that yet!)

so here it is. I hope people find this useful.

Name: TimeCalc
What it is: Time addition calculator (hh:mm:ss etc)

requirements: Android phone. I developed it on 1.5 devkit and it runs fine in 1.5 emulator. on my 2.1 hero phone (official 2.1 taiwan rom) it runs perfectly too.

What you can do:

type in a time as seconds, minutes:seconds, or hours:minutes:seconds.

now hit the "+" button (which is plus or equals depending on how you think about it LoL). It adds the time you jsut entered to the total time value displayed. If that was your first entry, it just makes the total time value equal to what you entered.

Do this again. new total time.

times are always displayed in h:m:s format. you can mix and match entries - 5555:555 will be 5555 minutes and 555 seconds. if you had no total before and hit the += button it will now display 94:44:15 in the total box (I got that from running my app on my phone so I hope it's correct LoL... :)

Cheers, have fun people.

I've seen lots of requests for this all over the web.

filesize is all of 13 kb. no menu, nothing. just run the app. no custom icon yet. no versioned yet, but hell it's alpha code. however it DOES work and I just used it for cd track listing summing for one of my jobs.

I made the buttons sort of big so typing should be easy. it's go ZERO extra features.

version 1.2 fixes a screen rotation bug, makes fonts much bigger, and adds subtraction (although it won't go negative, just down to zero, keep that in mind when doing subtraction).

Please download from: AndAppStore : TimeCalc
there's a barcode installer there as well.



I already see one thing mine doesn't do that your needs my require:

am/pm entry. I can look into that if it's important to people. I don't have an iphone so don't have anything to go on here but what I need for myself.


one more thing, you can do what I see in the example iPhone Arcade on Facebook using my TimeCalc application on android, so we're set with that type of need anyway. :)

So it covers the base there ok. and if you want to know what 987654 seconds is in real time, just enter it and hit the + button. or 987654 minutes, just enter 987654:0 and hit + button.



Time Calculator Pro has also been added to the Market. In addition to add and subtract options, it also adds multiply and divide and converts from and to total hrs, mins, secs. More features being added weekly. It's only 99 cents.


Time Calculator Free and Time Calculator Pro version 1.2 now available in Android market with much better looking UI with bigger buttons and a lot more input options.

Not all options are available in the Free version (Pro is only .99 cents and enables all input options) but here is a listing of some of the input options:

Input Examples:
3:10 + 2:30 =
3:10:05 + 2:30:10 =
9:15AM to 11:30AM =
9:15:10AM to 12:15:10PM =
9:15AM to 12:15PM + 3Hrs =
9:15AM to 12:15PM x 3 =
3Hrs 10Mins + 2Hrs 30Mins =
25Mins 15Mins 45Mins / 3 =
Other valid combinations also possible...

Please give it a try and let me know what you think.
Please do email if any issues using it!