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Time For New Phone Purchase... Suggestions/Advice For New(er) Devices...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by slimmbanditt, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. slimmbanditt

    slimmbanditt New Member
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    Oct 14, 2012
    So I'm about to purchase a new phone... I probably will end up rooting... And I want some input on the capabilities and ease of modification... I hard bricked my last phone (Samsung repp SCH-R680), and it was such an unpopular model it was difficult, nearly impossible to find any relavent info for it, whether on rooting, applying custom mods, or fixing bricks... First i soft bricked and fixed in my own by tinkering in cwm, odin was a dead end everytime.... Anyway, I've looked at some newer models, first thought I wanted Galaxy S 3... But after researching, I'm not so sure its worth the extra cash for the new features, not to mention I've heard of problems/bugs that make it unacceptable if these alleged claims are ture... I am going to have to get an unlocked version(preferrably Verizon), because I'm not with signing a contract, and there's a wireless prepaid store in my area that hooks up any unlocked phone for $55 a month, unlimited with a data cap of like 5gbs, and they use Verison's service towers(hence preferring Verizon unlocked model, they can hook up any carrier's unlocked devices but I figure Verizon device will work better, amd they're the ONLY carrier in my area that has acceptable service)... Any suggestions on a good model to choose? I am a little biased to Samsung devices as I have more experience with them, but any advice or different opinions are welcomed. And please give some info on why you recommend this model adn/or brand... My main concerns are price, internal memory storage and RAM (speed of apps/browsing, old phone lagged alot, became a pet peave of mine), battery life, and ease of rooting/low chances of bricking/ease of fixing bricks... I do want a newer model since I will most likely be using it for a good while, but since I'm going to have to pay cash for an unlocked version, depending on quality of new features, I might consider choosing a slightly older model over the newest, basically I'm looking for the best, most conservative route to take, keeping my prefferences in mind(from above), sorry for the extra long post, but I wanted to explain in detail to get the most relavent responses, any suggestions/advive are welcomed and appreciated... Thanks...


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