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time forwarded/reversed 1 hour by turning on/off DST - windows 7

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by ghostanime2001, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. ghostanime2001

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    After importing a photo in windows explorer, the time in 'date created, date modified, date accessed' was changed by 1 hour (see attached images)

    I have a Samsung galaxy note II. In my photo there is still daylight so I know that the date in file properties should not be forwarded by 1 hour. I took all pictures with galaxy note II, no pictures were taken by other phones.

    I live in Ontario, Canada hence the eastern daylight savings time in the images.

    How do I stop photos from forwarding and reversing time by 1 hour when daylight saving time is turned off or turned on so that no matter having enabled or disabled daylight savings time, the date created, date modified and date accessed DO NOT reverse or forward the time by 1 hour ?

    thank you

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  2. Slug

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    What time of day was the actual photo taken? If you select it in Gallery, you can check the date/time in Menu/Details. That is shown in the "date taken" metadata field in Windows' file properties.

    Note that the "date created" field refers to when the file was first seen by Windows i.e. the date it was copied. That date will alter if DST is enabled/disabled as this alters the system time.
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  3. ghostanime2001

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    in the attached pictures the date taken field is shown in windows file explorer. The date the photo was taken is at 9:15 PM. You can also see the time which is in 24 hour format in the filename: 20150705_211536. 211536 means 21 hours = 9 PM 15: 15 minutes 36 = 36 seconds so 9:15:35 PM. In the actual photo, there is still "evening light" as observed in Ontario around 8 PM to 9 PM in july

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