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Time Stamp Missing from Call Log

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by oalvarez, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. oalvarez

    oalvarez Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yesterday I had a missed called. I wanted to check at what time this person had called me. When I clicked on the phone icon that's at the bottom of the screen it opens all my call history (incoming, outgoing and missed calls).

    But it doesn't not list anytime stamp for any type of call. I click on the menu button and click on call history. I click on the menu button again and click on the View option. Then I select Missed calls. The time stamps just show the day. For example some of them say 3 days ago or Yesterday but no time.

    The only way i'm able to see the actual time of the missed call is if I open that person contact card and view the history from there.

    Is there a way I can get this information with out having to open up the contacts?

  2. osli

    osli Well-Known Member

    Download SuperDial from the market and use that to replace the default phone application.
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  3. I'll have to give that a shot too. Hopefully it works for texts too. I just noticed this morning that texts don't show a timestamp beyond the day unless it's today. Which was rather irritating to find out, because I sent a text last night as a kind of timestamp for myself to see the next day.

    If this app doesn't work for texts, is there any other app/plugin worth trying? I'd look through the market again, but after going through most of it a couple times, the hours spent doing that seems a bit daunting if somebody already knows a good app/plugin for this... lol.
  4. oalvarez

    oalvarez Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks that solved it!
  5. oalvarez

    oalvarez Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Download Handcent Sms, it works great and it has a time stamp for almost every incoming and outgoing text.
  6. osli

    osli Well-Known Member

    I like SuperDial much better than the stock phone app. Glad it helped. The only issues I have with it are that it doesn't list calls that went to voicemail (best I can tell), so I usually can't figure out just when a voice message was left for me (might be in my voicemail inbox options, but I haven't ran across it); and occasionally a call that I'm pretty sure I either made or answered is not listed in SuperDial. The latter problem happens so infrequently that I'm not completely convinced it is real, or if it is what conditions might contribute to it.

    On the whole, much better than the stock phone. A bonus is that I don't hit the "call" button when dialing a number that includes a zero, since on the stock button layout they are just way too close together.

    A tip for SuperDial... if you want to pull up your entire contacts list, hit the * key on the dial pad, and you'll get your whole list. I think it's supposed to intelligently pull up contacts that match a number as you enter it in, narrowing down the possibilities as you enter more digits, but that just doesn't work at all for me. Might be because my contacts are imported from Outlook? Anyway, there may be a better way to get to your contacts, but the * key is quick and easy, and is the best way I've found so far.
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I was uncertain about trying a 3rd party app for a core system function like texting, but maybe it'll turn out alright. I guess I just feel like it may not integrate as well as what's already there, but I suppose the beauty of the Android platform is that integration should be easier with it being an open platform.
  8. akkidy

    akkidy Member

    I'm not sure if you have tried clicking on the icon on the right most side of each record in call history (this is the square with phone icon), this will bring you straight to the contact's call history with the date and time stamp. I know this still requires you to open contact, but it is just one click more than having to go to contact and having to search for your contact and view the contact call history. This way you don't need to install 3rd party application for a core function. Hope this helps you somehow.
  9. sonjyaj

    sonjyaj Lurker

    Bless you all. I have been scouring the HTC site and the internet in search of a fix for the inadequate date/time stamp on my HTC Hero phone for text messages and calls. I downloaded the Handcent SMS application and that fixed it!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

    I agree with Gamesoul Master in that you wouldn't think that such a basic function as a basic date/time stamp for messages and calls shouldn't require a 3rd party application for it to work right. Nevertheless, I am now able to tell date and time of when my texts came in. I am so happy.
  10. jillbo24

    jillbo24 Newbie

    Thank you all!!! SuperDial is great! Exactly what I wanted...I made it my default, but now can't figure out how to change from SuperDial back to the droid default if need be...thoughts? Thanks!
  11. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert

    Go into Settings, then Applications, then Application Management. Find the dialer app and tap it.

    There should be an option to restore the defaults for that app. That should get you back to using the stock dialer app.
  12. jillbo24

    jillbo24 Newbie

    Thank you!

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