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Time to split Galaxy S2 (International) forum?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box & Feedback' started by rozel, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. rozel

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    Android is like Windows and whatever you call those over-hyped Apple thingymygigs (Macs?) OS's. It is an all embracing platform catering for many devices. So we should all be aware that what is good for a tablet maybe not so good for a SG2S phone. And if I may say so (yes this may be construed as a rant - so be it, bring it on!) this forum is an International one and I for one want a dedicated UK forum for the SGS2.

    The UK is a huge phone market, far bigger than most others and these days it's global markets are being eaten away by the development of all-embracing OS's like Android. Do not get me wrong this is fine - Android is leap years ahead of Symbian or other dedicated Phone-Manufacturer OS's but at least then UK SIM-FREE phones were the FIRST to receive OS updates.

    In this respect Samsung and this "international forum" is failing UK users. If it had done it's research then it would have appreciated the anger from our shores. We bought sim-free phones to be the first with updates - what a load of old tosh we have heard from Samsung then about releasing to UK phone operators first - sheesh!

    But Mods - maybe this is the time to guage what your members want to see. Do we still have to put up with an "International Forum" or should you be more geographical? I think you should split it up for various reasons, which I will not go into here. I am frustrated that is all. This International forum is going the way of XDA - an extremely technical forum - there globalisation is understandable - here on this forum, you are a forum which is very difficult now to follow. Crikey moses I tried the other day to search the forum for threads on "ICS" without the italics - it produced jack-sh*t!

    Sorry everyone for going on but I feel this forum is loosing it's way now. This SGS2 Android Forum is too large and needs to be fragmented to support specific customer bases. Fragment more and I will stay if not, then I am off.

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six!
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    No other country-specific forums exist for any other device. To do so would be totally unmanageable.

    It's actually smaller than many, including some in Europe.

    A geographical split makes absolutely no sense when every GS2 sold in Europe (for example) is the same GT-i9100 with merely different firmware depending on locale/carrier.

    That's because the vBulletin search function doesn't work for such short search strings.
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  3. Phases


    Your best chance at this would be to lay out the reasons. Please understand, this forum is HUGE and to make certain changes is to basically agree to make these changes for 100's of devices. We're already "struggling", in a sense, to come to terms with a standard that will help us in this regard.

    I've reached out to the owner and others in an attempt to standardize the way we function with multi-national devices and minor variations and name changes and all that stuff. Unfortunately these sorts of decisions take time.

    I'm not against making a UK GS2 forum if that's what our community deems necessary, but I'm not going to do it for no reason or just because someone threatens to leave - I need to know why this makes sense and why the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks to the change and the increased workload on the staff to maintain it.
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  4. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Thing is if your sgs2 has a bug, and some guy in the American sgs2 forum finds a fix, who tells you?
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