Root time without a signal glitch


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do I have the glitch? my time w.o a signal is fifty percent and my battery life is terrible. its been happening since I downloaded the new fission rom..


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Heard of this for several other android handsets most noteably the Eris, Inc., and Ally. Haven't heard of it on a moto yet tho weird.


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The fix for it on the Inc and the Eris was to put the phone in airplane mode for a bit then take it back out. I haven't noticed this with my phone. I hope this thread stays on top. Just so we can see if there are alot of people with this


happening to me too... at least when I can get the battery manager open. LOL

I have heard of it before on the X i think there's a fix. but don't remember. :(


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I sell Verizon phones and OTA them I always use *22899. There are some myths that it is not the same but you get the same PRL listing as *228 opt 2 unless you live in a huge metro area that may have different PRL's for different parts of that area.