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I think I have the "Time without Signal" bug, as my battery info tells me that my phone battery is used 46% to 80% (varies) by the Cell Standby...and when I click that, it says Time without Signal 100% (even when I do have a signal).

I have noticed in the week + that I've had the phone that the battery seems to drain quickly at times. i don't use the phone much currently.

But, today my battery seems to be OK, as I left the phone on all night last night (standby, is that called?) and now the battery is at 80%. yet the TWS still says 100% and Time since unplugged is 58 s (is that seconds?), which is clearly wrong.

Do I need to be concerned about this glitch if my battery is holding a charge for at least a full day? Will it affect the phone in other ways? I wonder if my loss of signal for the last two days was caused by this?

I appreciate your input! TIA!!!


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If you haven't had your phone plugged in and it says 58s (yep, that is seconds) since unplugged, *that* is a glitch. With luck, just a one-time thing.

The time without a signal glitch is that the phone tries to find a GSM signal, even though it is on a CDMA network. That is what I read somewhere (not sure if it was here or not). That makes sense if you look at the messages in the programming menu--It says "GSM Service:In service and farther down It has an error with the time right before I toggled the network type that GSM failed.

Not sure why it does that, but it sounds like a problem from LG's side.

Some folks just toggle the airplane mode on and off and that helps. Others dial *#*#4636#*#* and toggle CDMA auto to CDMA only and back to auto.

If you are satisfied with the amount of charge your phone holds, though, that is all that matters.

My husband doesn't toggle anything. He rarely even has the phone on though =D


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raynoldsk is right. This is a problem with the OS that is fixed in all the custom ROM's. For now though, when you turn the phone on,turn the airplane mode on for 30sec., then turn off(somehow this fixes the TWS bug). You have to do this every time you turn the phone on.