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TIMERA - Window to the past

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by wartburg, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. wartburg

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    Dear All,

    recently I've found a pretty good app at GooglePlay as TimEra.
    Its key feature: if I upload an old (usually B&W) photo to my TimEra account, it will be shown as a "background" on the screen, so - aligning my point of view - I can find exactly same place (as it had been taking the old photo) and can take a picture with the camera. The whole thing looks like an amazing time travel.
    Has anybody tried TimEra?

    BUT, according to my experience, I had two basic problems with this app:

    - It only works with active wifi connection -- even though I had uploaded the old pictures already to my android. :-(
    - Unfortunately, the app freezes quite often (I have HTC One V) :-(
    If anybody has experience on it -- any replies are kindly welcomed.. :):):)
    Do you know any other app having the same feature then TimEra?
    Thanks in advance!


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