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Timeriffic: Great Profiles Application!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Reivaxt, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Jan 16, 2010

    Jan 16, 2010
    This application does one, and one thing only - change a phone's profiles based on date and time - but it does it flawlessly. This application does not give users a way to toggle profiles independently, but for me, that is fine. Timeriffic will be loved by anyone that knows Monday through Friday the phone needs to be silent, or at 11pm until 3am on weekends the phone needs to be loud and on vibrate so you can hear it when you're out! All you need to do is make a rule in three clicks and you'll be set.

    First, make a profile. Timeriffic comes with three profiles, one for weekdays, one for weekends, and other one for fun. You can make as many as you want, or delete and edit these sample ones to your liking. Each profile can be enabled or disabled as well. Under each profile, you set up actions. An action is defined by a day of the week (from one to all seven) and a time. Each action can change the following phone settings: Ringer, Vibrate, Main Volume, Notification Volume, Wifi, Brightness, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and APNdroid.

    And that's it! Easy to use, easy to maintain, and in the week since I've downloaded it, it has never failed me.

    Needless to say, because you can edit all of these settings, you can use it to effectively manage your phone's battery levels. Turn brightness down and wifi and bluetooth off while you're working or at school, and set another action or rule so when you're on the way home everything is back on. It's great.

    My only problem with this application is that I wish there were more settings to adjust available.



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