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Ting FAQ - Everything you need to know about Ting Mobile

Discussion in 'Ting' started by kate, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Update: This FAQ has been updated after Ting switched from pay-for-what-you-use rates to new unlimited plans in 2020.

    What is Ting?

    Ting Mobile is a cell phone company in the U.S. that offers cell service on both T-Mobile (X3), and Verizon (V1) networks. They are known for saving many people money on their phone bill and having good customer service.

    Does Ting sell phones?
    Yes they have phones for sale, you can buy them here.

    Can I bring my current phone?

    Most phones will work with Ting, to see if yours will you can check here.
    Buying or bringing a phone to Ting.

    How do I activate my phone?
    This page has a list of step by step activation guides you can follow depending on your situation.

    Can I keep my current phone number?
    Yes, almost all numbers can be moved to Ting when you activate your phone.
    How to transfer your number to Ting.

    Can I check if Ting has coverage in my area?
    Yes, you can see if they have coverage in your area here.

    Does Ting offer roaming?
    Yes, Ting has free voice and text roaming in the U.S. on both their networks. Their Flex, Set 5, and Unlimited plans have 100MB of data roaming.
    For International roaming see here for more info.

    How does Ting charge customers?
    They have three plans you can choose from depending on which works best for your usage. You can add multiple phones to your account, but every phone in an account must be on the same plan.

    1. Flex: $10 per month per phone that includes unlimited talk and text. Then mobile data is $5 per 1GB, and multiple phones can share the data.

    2. Set 5: $25 per month per phone, includes unlimited talk/text and 5GB of data.

    3. Unlimited: unlimited talk, text, and data with two data amount options.
    $45 for 22GB of fast data, then throttled above 22GB.
    $60 for 35GB of fast data, throttled above 35GB.
    Ting Mobile plans page for more info.

    Does Ting offer 5G data?
    Yes, they include both 5G and 4G LTE data with their plans.

    Does Ting charge for WiFi usage?
    No, you are not charged for using WiFi. When a WiFi network is available you can use it instead of mobile data to keep your data usage down.

    Are there any activation fees?

    Does Ting allow tethering and hotspot?

    Yes, if your phone supports tethering/hotspot you can.

    What are Ting referrals?
    When you sign up for service with Ting using a referral link you automatically receive a $25 credit, check out this thread to find a referral and save money. :thumbsupdroid:

    What if my question wasn't answered?
    You can create a thread here and ask other Android Forum members. :)

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