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Tip to add more memory

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by IceColdGlacier, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. IceColdGlacier

    Thread Starter

    How can you add more memory without adding another kernel or rom and anything like that??? (Only for Samsung Intercept VM and maybe Sprint)

    1. Root your phone.
    -Important. All you have to do is go to 4shared.com (sign up if you didn't) and type in the search box "interceptroot.apk". Than you find it.
    -Google "interceptroot.apk 4shared.com"(If you are having trouble with the first one or if you want the easy way in).

    2. Download "App2sd" from the store.
    -It lets you move the moveable apps to the sd card.

    3. Download "Clear cache" from the store.
    -The title explains it what it do.'

    4. Download "Task Killer for Froyo" from the store.
    -It is the best one I ever used. Since your phone is a Froyo type. It is useful.

    5. Before you uninstall the apps, make sure you clear the data and cache FIRST.
    -so the app can be in the regular size. I do it always and "Heyyy. I added a little bit space to it although it is not enough. It is still better than nothing" because on my old phone, I use to have about 50-60 mbs on my phone. I have a replacement one. I do it. Now I have 90-110 mbs on my phone.

    -I don't download an app that seems like it is to big for my phone. To be honest, I always install apps that are less than 2.99 mbs. Most of them are on the phone because they are under a 100 because I have other apps with them such as "Foxfi full version key", "Foxfi add-on", and "Skyfire key".

    If there is anymore ideal or tips I can give you all, I will continue it.

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