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Tips for best battery life??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by banksy507, May 15, 2011.

  1. banksy507

    banksy507 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just had a motorola droid and just switched to a TB. First thing I notice is that the battery does not lat as long as my droid did under the same amount of use. I installed the advanced task manager with the autokill setting setup just like it was on my droid and that didn't help a whole lot. I do have the google gps on for the weather apps but the vzw and standalone gps is off. all the vibrating stuff for touch screen is off as well.

    I just read about turning off PVM and PVW running services and did that so I will see how the battery does tomorrow. I am however a newb to this android stuff and am not really and advanced user by any means so alot of the stuff I read here is hard for me to understand. I'm not really sure what i can afford to turn off and still have the phone run properly.

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  2. BDBMike

    BDBMike Newbie

    My post from another thread:

    My advice:

    -Adjust brightness
    -Adjust synching schedule
    -Use LTE on/off
    -Root and flash an undervolted kernel(I like das BAMF ROM with imoseyon's leankernel)
    -Use setCPU
    -Use JuiceDefender
    -Bump charge

    I sometimes use advanced task killer(maybe once or twice a day) but I much prefer juicedefender. I'm trying to break the task killer habit but coming from a blackberry it might take a while lol. For more information about task killers: Android Task Killers Explained: What They Do and Why You Shouldn't Use Them ...I stole that from another forum but I can't remember who to give the credit to for the find.

    hope that helps :)
  3. banksy507

    banksy507 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the reply, like i said I'm a newb so I have a few more questions. how do I adjust the syncing schedule? what is the LTE? Not sure what you mean by root and flash undervolted kernel? is rooting similar to jailbreaking the iphone? if so what are the benefits? what is a bump charge?

    i downloaded the juice defender app last night and was looking at it today but didn't really have time to figure out what it does. I was kind of lost initially but i'm going to mess with it a little tonight.
  4. whytecountry

    whytecountry Member

    Two answers to save your life. 1.) Turn off your LTE (4G) radio. Do this by downloading the app "LTE on/off" by TeamAndIRC in the market. Once installed go down to where it says "CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto and change it to ADMA auto (PRL). If you want to use 4G again just switch it back. 2.) Root your phone and install the Liquid Thundersense rom with Adrynalyne's kernal version a.

    Yes, rooting is similar to jailbreaking the iPhone. There are different "roms" available on Android devices that will change how the phone functions, file types, etc. Developers can create their own "roms" which can make your phone run faster, run more efficiently, add/remove features, etc. It basically opens up the phone for damn near any time of modication you can think of. I've installed Liquid Thundersense 1.45 (That's just the name of a rom) and installed adrynalyne's kernel (adrynalyne is a developer, kernels basically allow you hardware to talk to your OS) and my battery life has AT LEAST doubled.

    You really should start researching rooting/romming. There's a THunderbolt subforum called All Things Root. You'll see it at the top of the back if you go back one. Go there and begin learning. All the information you could possibly need is out there. there are tutorials to rooting that break it down step by step and an easy one-click root is coming.
  5. banksy507

    banksy507 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yeah, from what I have been reading i think i'm going to try rooting my phone. I've just never really gotten into using the phone for more then the basics but the battery life is bugging me.

    One more question since I'm reading in a lot of places to turn certain things off when I don't even know what they do. What is LTE and how does it use battery? how do i know when i need to have it on or off?
  6. Wolf Howl

    Wolf Howl Newbie

    LTE is the 4G aspect of your phone. With it on the battery drains much faster and unless you are streaming video or something similar you don't really need that much speed (sounds crazy I know). I turn my off and turn it back on if I am going to watch something on Youtube or somewhere else, don't notice a huge difference just loading basic webpages and stuff.

    Changing the brightness of the screen is a big energy saver for me as well as turning off Auto-sync altogether when I'm at work and get my email there anyways. There is also the stock Blockbuster app that pulls updates on it's own if you don't go into it and turn off that setting, you can search here and find more about that I'm sure.

    Just doing those few things has my batter lasting all day with no problems. I turn it on around 7am and go to bed around 11pm and many times still have 30% or more left. I'm not a huge gamer or video watcher but do use it to play music on my drive as well as sending plenty of texts and checking emails as well.
  7. banksy507

    banksy507 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sounds like u use yours just like I do. I occasionally use maps because I drive for a living. And surf the web during down time. I turned off auto sync and put it on auto brightness and have the blockbuster thing done and have already noticed the difference. Still playing with he defenderjuice app and a couple others as well.
  8. zambonidriver

    zambonidriver Newbie

    I'm going on vacation soon and will have my phone in my pocket with limited use, but I want to make sure it lasts all day. So I've been messing around with JuiceDefender.

    I cannot for the life of me get juice defender to do anything but drain my battery faster using the balanced setting (I'm not interested in any of the other settings - I need to be able to receive txts and data periodically). When I check my battery stats, phone idle and cell standby are almost 50% of my battery usage! These are always really small battery drains, but in the past few days that I've been using JD, they are huge numbers. Am I doing something wrong? For now, this app is unistalled and phone is back to normal.
  9. Ibrick

    Ibrick Android Expert

    Please do not attempt to root your phone.

    Take no offense, but by your posts in this thread it's obvious it's over your head for the time being.

    Follow the 'tips for improving battery life'

    Make sure the Blockbuster app is not sync'ing.. that's a huge one.

    Download 'Green Power' from the market.

    That should more than get you through the work day, which is about all you can realistically expect in stock form.
  10. banksy507

    banksy507 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i've already decided not to. I read around the forums and over some of the methods and I just don't understand it well enough. I need to phone so i can't afford to not be able to use it if i screw it up. Between juicedefender and a couple other apps i've got the battery life I want. its been off the charger since 8 yesterday morning and i still have 78% left.
  11. Gravytrain

    Gravytrain Android Enthusiast

    My recommendation is ordering 2 spare batteries and a charger off eBay for 19.99
  12. tarkan

    tarkan Lurker

  13. NetGeek

    NetGeek Lurker

    Juice Defender seemed to do the same thing with me. I uninstalled it and get better battery life with it. I played around with the settings for a week and found it to be more detrimental. What helps is using CPU tuner or SetCPU on a rooted phone. But also make sure you set your profiles up correct or else the phone will hang if you choose to low of a setting.
  14. jmc55

    jmc55 Newbie

    i use 4G at work but live in an unsupported 4G area. i turn it off while at home. i've also shutdown the blockbuster thing. battery life has increased tremendously just with these two adjustments.
  15. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    leave it in the box.
  16. McLabia

    McLabia Android Expert

    Anyone seen higher battery drain with changed density?
  17. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Man, if you follow half those 'tips', your phone will be useless! If you turn off auto-sync, gps, email refreshing, wifi, 3g, window animations, vibration, notification lights, etc., whats the purpose of having a smart phone if you're going to have everything turned off all the time? If you turn those things off, you're weather will not update, your email will not update, you won't have the cool animations, you won't know if/when you have a notification. You'll have to do all that stuff manually, which defeats the purpose of a smart phone.
  18. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert

    You said it all perfectly. That is why I switched to the charge and sold my TB and it's THREE batteries! Charge lasts all day on stock battery! And I can use it's features!
  19. Ibrick

    Ibrick Android Expert

    I think that's why they're called 'tips'..

    Pick and choose what's important to you and customize your phone accordingly. You don't need to turn your smart phone into a dumb phone just to get good battery life.

    Do you really need weather syncing every 15min? Probably not.. Do you need the screen set at max brightness all the time? Probably not..

    Basically I think the idea is to get you thinking about how you really use your phone, and setting it up accordingly, not having battery draining apps running constantly 'just because you can'..

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