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Tips n Tricks thread.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by loony, May 14, 2011.

  1. Teknik

    Teknik Well-Known Member

    Yea Gods!


  2. eclap

    eclap Member

    That was handy, thank you very much! I've only made one call so far, but I noticed it was a bit quiet. I only went up to 98 on my max volume and also tweaked the other values to have some nice steady progression going up and down the volume levels.
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  3. hilt_m

    hilt_m Newbie

    For anybody who wants to upgrade to firmware version xwke2, and cant get it to work in KIES here is a pretty good how to guide for a manual upgrade. I did mine last night.
  4. lob

    lob Android Enthusiast

    Change to Text-to-Voice engine to Samsung and change the voice type to Robot.

    Very cool sounding!

    Use it with 'VoiceTalk' (You need to change some settings in the app so it uses your selected default voice)
  5. Beards

    Beards Android Expert

    Here's a neat little way in changing the Home screen pages rapidly.

    At the bottom of the screen where the numbered pages are listed, press and hold briefly on any page number.... Now without talking your finger off the screen simply swipe either left or right and you will notice the home pages slide across in a semi-3D state.
    'Eye-candy' but gets the job done nicely by allowing you to view all the pages as you swipe.
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  6. croftyboy8

    croftyboy8 Member

    Woah, its almost as if you didnt bother to read the whole thread. or you chose to ignore my post about the same thing!!

    only joking, its a good trick isnt it
  7. Beards

    Beards Android Expert

    Ooops.... Not often I miss things but clearly you posted it first.
    For every thanks I get I'll hand you one back. :)
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  8. hilt_m

    hilt_m Newbie

    When taking a picture, use the volume button to zoom in or out. much easier then using the pinch method.
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  9. loony

    loony Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    you can appearntly disable the shutter sound (If you are rooted)
    rename the shutter sound ogg file in /system/media/audio/ui. Rename it to .ogg.bak and it should stop the noise.
  10. Jozudave

    Jozudave Newbie

    Thanks for first tip, but I can't get second one to work. Can you explain more? Home key is obviously the on the bottom left of handset, but by power button do you mean the button on the right hand side of the handset?

    When I try and press them together it just switches the screen off.
  11. GalaxyS2

    GalaxyS2 Well-Known Member

    Use the center button and power key.
  12. Teknik

    Teknik Well-Known Member

    Its the only actual physical button on the front of the phone, the rest are just extensions of the touchscreen.
  13. xmjox

    xmjox Well-Known Member

    This sometimes happens to me. Either that, or it just takes me back to the home screen!! You have to time it absolutely spot-on for it to work in my experience. It usually takes me 2-3 attempts, but worth it when it eventually does work :)
  14. uktivo

    uktivo Well-Known Member

    Great find, thanks.. This could be an answer to an issue I have but I would need some technical help before I start messing around with settings I just don't understand.

    Since having the S2 I've had lots of complaints from people I talk to whilst I'm driving. I have a Bluetooth built in kit in my car (BMW new 5 series F10) and virtually everyone complains about background noise when I'm on a call. I've tried noise reduction setting but it makes no difference. Now, I spotted a BT setting option in the above service module.. I had a quick look.. but quickly scared myself.. does anyone have any input on which settings I would need to adjust to improve the call quality on BT??
  15. saturos

    saturos Lurker

    Does anyone know if there's gestures for the headphone's button? Of it has just pause/play function?
  16. hilt_m

    hilt_m Newbie

    have a play around, if you stuff something, just turn the phone off, it will reset back to were you started.
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  17. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    Slow screen wake up?

    Select a low res picture and this will fix the problem.
  18. Beards

    Beards Android Expert

    Spewy, can you broaden your explanation on this please....
    Are you saying the Wallpaper needs to be a low res picture?
    Because I already use low res pictures for my Wallpapers.
  19. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    Not your wallpaper but the image on the lockscreen. (ie, the orange hyperspace image)
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  20. Beards

    Beards Android Expert

    Yes, I use a picture that has been edited in Picsay Pro with Widget Locker.
    It does load the screen slightly quicker.

    So yes, I agree... Using a cropped or reduced image in the lock-screen does open the screen slightly quicker. :)
  21. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    Try this low res image - wake up is instant on mine.

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  22. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    Forget this.... After a few hours of it working fine my phone has gone back to a 2 second wake up!
  23. Beards

    Beards Android Expert

    Your lockscreen pic is still quite large Spewy. Mine is only 200kb.
  24. bruce10

    bruce10 Lurker

    If you swipe a contact towards the left, your phone will begin to call them. If you swipe them right, your phone will start a text to them. My friend's nexsus S couldn't do this.
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