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Tips on how to make the Galaxy S run faster

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gino_76ph, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. gino_76ph

    gino_76ph Member
    Thread Starter


    i have a 3-week old Galaxy S and i'm loving it. but i noticed that it seems to be "slower" in some ways (compared to the iPhone 4) in the way it open & closes an app, the way it loads an app sometimes, the way it animates in going back to previous screens or menus and in general really. don't get me wrong it's quick but having a 1GHz processor i'm kinda left feeling and wanting....more.

    any reasons or tip & sugestions guys?

    need help!

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  2. EarlZ

    EarlZ Android Enthusiast

    The best tip I can give you is not to use 3rd party task killers as of the moment until you fully understand the andriod OS and how it manages memory, if you wan you can use the built in task killer on the latest 2.1 firmwares.

    Opening and closing an application can be fixed by applying this fix
    UPDATED : Real fix for the "stalling/lagging" problem - Android @ MoDaCo

    This would probably be the first time i heard about screen animation lags but with the fix above, the galaxy S becomes super snappy!
  3. gino_76ph

    gino_76ph Member
    Thread Starter


    i saw the link and it looks and sounds quite daunting and too technical for me.

    any much more practical way?
  4. EarlZ

    EarlZ Android Enthusiast

    Hmmm.. wait for a software fix in 2-3 months time.
  5. ar_mobile

    ar_mobile Lurker

    I use Advanced Task Killer Free. Standard settings. NO autokill.
    Add core services like phone, messages, clock etc. to Ignore List. Leave app icon in notification bar for one click access.
    Use only manual kill and only if your GS's slow.
    Play with ignore list and other settings to optimize performance and avoid unexpected behavior.

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