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Tired of Camera Shutter Noise?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Alsigney, Jun 4, 2010.

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    There is this app I found called cVolume. It is able to adjust all volume control of your phone. There is a paid, and free version. The free version works perfect in this application.

    1) Download/Install App
    3) Turn System Volume all the way to 0
    4) Exit Program (No need to do anything else)

    The Set volume will stay at current setting, even after you reboot the phone. There is no update status on Notification Bar, or as far as I can tell background service.


    1) Turns off Camera Shutter sound / Camcorder Beeps
    2) All ringtones, notifications, media, and alarms will go unaffected
    3) Disabled of annoying System Tones


    1) Dead battery Warning will not play (System Volume)
    2) The included Widget isn't good. (Does not bother me since I use an onoff widget from curvefish for other phone sound adjustments)

    It is a very easy program to use, with some preset options included, such as car, train, office.

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