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Titanium Backup ★ root: Keep Your Apps and Settings Safe from Stevey J'

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by 42turkeys, Jun 11, 2010.

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    May 26, 2010

    May 26, 2010
    This app is for rooted users only, if you don't know what that is then you don't have it.
    My Broadband has gone down, so I had to type this, upload the YouTube video and do the screenshots all from my phone so please excuse the odd spelling mistake!

    Do you want to keep your apps safe from Stevey 'J? (One day, it may happen lol)
    When you change ROMs, do you want all your apps & settings to be restored?
    Are you too forgetful to remember to tap 'backup' to do your apps?
    Then Titanium Backup is for you!

    First Thoughts

    I love having my phone rooted, but it's really annoying having to redownload my apps each time I change ROMs. And then they all disappear from the 'Downloads' tab! Arrrghhh! But then I installed the MoDaCo ROM, which includes this app. It's just mindblowing! I'm going to attempt to cover all the features of the app, because I think the 325 characters it gets on the market doesn't give it justice.


    Backup all your apps and market links
    Backup system settings and data
    'freeze' apps if you want to mod them
    Uninstall apps
    Wipe data of apps
    Scheduled backups
    1x1 home widget
    Send list of installed apps via email
    Backs up protected apps & apps stored on the SD card on FroYo
    Force move apps to SD card in FroYo
    Constantly being updated
    It's FREE! :)

    Main Review

    The first big difference I noticed was that it backs up market links. Basically, this means that all your restored apps appear in the 'downloads' tab on the market. This was the main thing for me as there's not really much point (in my mind) in restoring apps if you've just got to download them again to receive updates! The app also backs up system data (settings, bookmarks etc.) and app data (app settings & data) which is a big help when switching ROMs. You can also set up schedules to run backups while you are asleep which is good for people who forget (like me :) ) or if you can't be bothered.
    Titanium Backup also has some other cool features like the ability to 'freeze' apps (remove them from the app drawer but not from your phone) so you can do modifications to them. You can also uninstall apps and wipe their data which suddenly transforms Titanium Backup from being a great backup app to an all-in-one app manager!
    Titanium Backup also comes with some neat 1x1 widgets, which you can program to do any of the batch processes (backup all apps, updated apps, system data etc.)
    I also like this app because it is being constantly developed on and being updated. Almost every time I go to downloads to update some apps there is one for Titanium Backup! (does the dev just sit in a room all day with his PC? ;) ) You can always be sure that its up to date. There is not another app I could say this about.
    If you love Titanium Backup I would urge you to get the donate version to support the dev for only $4. You also get other stuff like market doctor which can restore market links.


    There are a couple of annoying things I find with this app:
    It doesn't backup my HTC Sense homescreen layout
    It seems to only backup when the screen is on or it goes very slowly but fortunately this has got better since I copped out and got the donate version.
    Also, in the free version you have to manually install each app (ie it pops up with the install wizard and you have to tap install) But, it is a very small price to pay for such peace of mind and time saving that Titanium Backup brings!


    This app is one of those apps that rooted users just have to have. If you don't you're seriously missing out. My conclusion of the different apps is:
    NANDROID Backup - For backing up the entire state of your phone.
    Titanium Backup - For easily backing up apps & app data when you switch ROMs.
    MyBackup - For non-rooted users, limited features.

    Here's a Video showing all those cool features I talked about:

    YouTube - Titanium Backup: Video Walkthrough


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