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Jul 9, 2010
southeast Michigan
I am a licensed user of Titanium Backup (TB), am running V8.4.0.2 on my rooted Android device (which is running Android 10), and TB has run well for years - the only ‘issue’ being that the ‘Sync to Dropbox’ would never run as a scheduled task and I have had to run it manually.

However, when I recently tried to run ‘Sync to Dropbox’, it didn’t work. Based on some looking around, I found that ‘Erase the access token’ was the recommended fix. I did this, tried again, and had to login into Dropbox (and I do have the Dropbox app on my phone). Logging in was not an issue, seeing the files on Dropbox works just fine, but when I tried to run ‘Sync to Dropbox’, I see the message ‘Sorry, failed to obtain Dropbox access’.

I have asked Titanium Track LLC this question twice, but have not heard back from them. What on earth should I try?