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Titanium Backup- cant restore

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by johnnyutahh, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    Im using titanium backup pro as a first time user last week. I did a full back up and only recently i hit a problem where im seeing my "settings" option missing. I tried to restore all apps back as well as settings. i can see that there are three services/apps that are displaying as crossed out. The text of these have a strike through. Only two options appear when selecting it- Restore or Delete.

    Restoring app or app+data takes a long time and doesn't complete its task. I have the files as mentioned in a backup on a USB. What can i do to restore this?

    The three issues that i cannot restore are-

    * Ocean Weather 1.0
    * Settings 2.3.3
    * Windy Weather 1.0

    I really dont care about the weather apps i want my settings back.

    Any ideas?? titanium users? I have a backup on USB and have these files-
    1- com.android.settings.mt
    2- com.sec.ccl.csp.app.secretwallpaper.themetwo
    3- com.sec.ccl.csp.app.secretwallpaper.themeone

    i see these files on a backed up on USB i have.... how would one copy these files-

    how can i restore these back?? using titanium? or something else? what would be my best option?

    thanks in advance

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