Titanium Backup: converted a system app to "user" and it disappeared...



I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Ace and Titanium Backup Pro.

I used TB to convert a couple of apps from system to user. I thought I would then be able to move those apps to the SD card.

Two things actually happened:

1) The app disappeared
2) My phone had less available memory than before.

I don't understand the nuts and bolts of Android. I suppose 2) wasn't a surprise, as the app was moving from the "System" area of memory to the user-accessible area (RAM?)

However, I don't know why the apps have disappeared.

Can anyone tell me why this has happened? If I've lost the apps, it's not the end of the world. Have I misunderstood what "change to user app" does?


Leeds, UK


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Hi Chris,

Have you tried rebooting the phone, then see whether the apps are visible?

If not, which apps are they? I've done this with Ti Backup, and apart from a couple of apps which need to be in /system to work it's been fine.