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Ok i installed the free versoin first, and then i realized i couldn't freeze some apps. i pushed the button to upgrade to paid version and i copied it to my clipboard. no idea what that is. i then downloaded it on my phone and paid for it using paypal, and got my reciept. now for the life of me i cant figure out how to change it over to the paid version. thanks.


Here's the message I got and it worked for me:

"Hi Robert,
Many thanks for your donation !
To install your license:
* Save the "TitaniumBackup_license.bin" binary attachment to your computer
* Rename it to "TitaniumBackup_license.txt"
* Read instructions inside the file.

On most e-mail software, the "TitaniumBackup_license.txt" text attachment might work too - but it's not guaranteed."

When you rename the bin file to a txt file and open it you will see the message:
# This is your license file for Titanium Backup.
# (Do not modify this file)
# Instructions:
# - Copy this file (TitaniumBackup_license.txt) to your SD card (not in a folder)
# - Start Titanium Backup and verify that your registration info is displayed
# - If not, please uninstall and then reinstall Titanium Backup
# - Optional: delete this file from your SD card -
followed by a bunch of numbers & letters (which include your name ID & email)

Make sure you install it on the root of your SD card - and I think that occasionally people have to then uninstall & reinstall Titanium to get it to work.

Good luck!


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thanks..i havent recieved an email thanking me for my donation. i just recieved a paypal reciept.


If you don't get one - I'd forward my pay pal receipt to them. First, open Titanium, then Menu > More > About and you'll see the links


I also have a PROBLEM with titanium, but really its not so much TB, I was reviewing the bloatware and decided to actually remove all bloatware and i remembered reading here on the forum to always wipe before uninstalling and upon going into titanium to remove photobucket I selected wipe and then before i pressed uninstall I notice it got rid of my backup, so i never uninstalled it i just left it bc with no backup I wont be able to get it back incase needed for warranty reasons. if there are any answers out there plz let me kno.
I guess it wouldnt matter if sometime in the future i decided to go to z4root and unroot, would that bring back the photobucket if i delete it and its not back'd-up. couldnt i always just dwld it from the market if needed or does the stock copy have something that the market copy doesnt have...

Also ive been wondering are apk files just as safe as dwldin from the market, to i run a greater risk dwldn apks.

Looking for friends on this forum who dont mind confusing to me but maybe stupid to you questions. Ive you can help me with this send me a friend invite, so I can lean on ya in time of need. thanx


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When I rooted my phone I backed up everything to remove some bloatware. Question: I was looking at my diskusage app and noticed everything was on my sd card. So when I get a bigger sd card should I restore everything and then backup again?