Titanium Backup, Jelly Bean and encrypted apps.

Rachel A

Android Expert
I was reading a story today about Google disabling a DRM method on JB due to issues.

This process apparently encrypts purchased apps with a device specific key to prevent them being copied to another device.

Presumably Google will fix the current issue and this will become part of Android thereafter.

This being the case does anyone have any ideas on how Titanium Backup will get round this when restoring to another device. Or will it not effect it?



I think Google really screwed the pooch on this one. They should have implemented encryption using a key generated from the Google account, instead of each device. Had they done that, apps could have been backed up or copied among one's own devices, but not shared with other people or pirated. I'm speculating that in the future, upgrading to 4.1+ devices will mean leaving some information behind in the process, and starting over...unless TB will reliably backup/restore everything minus the apk.