Root Titanium Backup Question: Sense ROM to Vanilla ROM?


Question that I haven't found the answer for - if I go from a Sense-based 2.2 ROM to a vanilla 2.2 ROM, can I use Titanium backup to restore all of my data, apps, etc.? My concern is that Titanium will attempt to put Sense system files onto the vanilla thereby causing a mess.



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That's what I was scared of. Looking through Titanium, I can tell some of the settings/apps that go to Sense, but not all. Just don't want to mess anything up with a strange hybrid mix of Sense/Vanilla. But, on the other hand, I also don't want to repeat setting everything up.


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Just restore your apps+data not system settings,data

I tried it and no problem

Yup as long as you just use it to restore apps it will be fine. I used it going from rooted stock to CM-6. Just be careful what apps you restore because some of the stuff titanium will have backed up is HTC sense stuff.