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Sep 17, 2011
So.. I did a fullback of my phone with Titanium Backup and uploaded the backup to I don't have tons of free storage, so I deleted the local copy of my backup.

Then... to "test" things, I uninstalled a game I play and now..well, while I can find the two backuped files from today on, I don't quite see how to get them back to my phone.

I can get to the files when I hope, but not via Titanium Backup - which I would have thought I'd use to do this sort of restore.

Am I wrong and I just download the two files from Does it matter where I save them?

The game I deleted no longer appears in list of Apps when, in TB, I click on the backup/restore -- which makes some sense, the game was uninstalled.
You missed the part where I deleted the local copy -- that's the whole point of moving the files to or google drive. If the local copy is gone how do you restore?

I have the files on I need to download them to a TB folder?
Found the TB folder, saved the files there.. but still don't see the game in the list of apps when I open TB and click on the Backup/restore tab. Also tried the batch function of restore all missing apps, didn't work.