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Titanium Backup Restore from Dropbox question

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by lartomar2002, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. lartomar2002

    lartomar2002 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have TB Pro on a Ainol Novo 7 advanced and I backed up everything, system, apps, data, etc. I have never had to do a restore from TB before. The scenario is this. The person I bought the tablet from add a few things to the stock firmware, we will call it 1.8t. Some how my wife did something (it is actually her tablet) and it caused it to start throwing up force closes as soon as the home screen appeared but I could not force close them, they were greyed out. After I unlocked the tablet with the slide more force closes came up and as soon as I closed them they would pop up again. I contacted the seller(by the way he as good support) and he sent me a link to where I could d/l the Rom and instructions on how to flash it. I did as instructed and the tablet is up and running. The thing is it does not look like the one I originally rec. The screen is different and alot of apps are missing plus it has a older Market. I told hime about this and he said I had flash the original firmware, less call this one 1.8. Now the f/w on the tablet when I rec. it was 1.8t and the one on there now 1.8 is the original one installed in China. Since the 1.8t was just a modification of 1.8 (different home screen, newer market 3.x.x instead of 2.x.x, and a bunch of apps. I was thinking that instead of doing another flash to get back to the 1.8t f/w I might be able to do a restore using TB and the files I synced with Dropbox. I do not know if this can be done or how I would do it if it can. Any suggestions please.

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  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    Download the files from Dropbox and stick them in the /sdcard/TitaniumBackup/ folder. If that folder does not exist, create it. I just doubt that it will restore everything to "1.8t". You probably need to surf around for a ROM off of XDA or find it using Google.

    And, FYI, custom recoveries (like ClockworkMod) that you should have had installed to even have a custom ROM have a command called "Fix Permissions". Fix permissions will generally fix those repeated FC errors. Most Android devices can get into either the bootloader or recovery (bootloader will lead to recovery) by turning it off and then holding Volume down + power.
  3. lartomar2002

    lartomar2002 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you. I was thinking that since I have Dropbox on the tablet why can I not just do it from there instead of doing it from the sd card, just asking? Also, I am very familiar with CWM but for some reason that I just recently found out, the person I purchased this tablet from is not familiar with it. Is there anyway I can install CWM to the tablet now since I have it back to its original configuration?

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