Root Titanium/Dropbox Backup


La patience et le pardon
Well I suppose it was my own fault(did something wrong obviously)! Was rooted (B) downloaded Clockwork-Flashed the overclocked kernel-downloaded and flashed a (test)ROM.
When I went to restore to my latest Titanium Backup it not only reverted back to my original config but combined it with that of the test ROM :eek:

Upon attempting to restore my Esteem to the previous state(pre-5pm state that is) the phone became stuck in bootloop animation from the test ROM.

The only way for me to make the phone totally boot up was to update to C via the LG Updater :(

It did keep all my setting and apps and did remove root:mad:

My question is could I use a previous backup to restore to root status(I already know the answer-but have to ask anyway)?

Please don't change my status back to newbie-yes I do deserve it! LOL


La patience et le pardon
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Many backups..but I can't get back into recovery(no root) ..or maybe tried the button method?