Title: IMYPATH - Best Social networking app for Android


Is a social networking app that allows people to communicate, connect, and socialize with individuals in a variety of specific categories or interest locally or worldwide.

Simply create a profile and connect with your friends , family , co-workers and anyone using our website or app.

Contact any of our users through our messaging, custom status, audio, audio pictures, music, pictures, links and video features from anywhere in the world at any time for free.

Connect with people who share your same interests or categories.

Create your own categories General or Exclusive and manage what is displayed on your profile at all times.

Sign up today and enjoy the Ultimate Social Networking Platform.

- Mark Alonzo Alexander

Mark Alexander Web Site:IMYPATH Support

What's New in Version 1.5

  • No personal information needed to sign up.
  • Users can chat with other users if they would like to make contact.
  • New introduced Exclusive category -The creator can only post to the Ex category.
  • Post to profile.
  • Profile rating for other users profile.
  • Share post to Email
  • Share post of supporters and supporting users
  • Can post Status, Image,Audio and Video smoothly
  • Search user with Category, Name, City, State and Country

IMYPATH is Available on Amazon, Google and iTunes App Stores:

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