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Tmobile Revvl 2/Revvl Plus 2 Owners?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by jasonmerc, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    So for those of you that know me from XDA, you'll probably know that I failed miserably at delivering content for the original 1st gen Revvl and Revvl Plus. I think I let a lot of people down in that small community. But after my recent successes with the Vortex Synq and Orbic Wonder, I want to give this another try with the new knowledge I've obtained since then

    I've got a few tricks up my sleeve I didn't have before, and I want to have a Round 2 against this Revvl lineup. I don't own this phone because I don't have Tmobile, but if anyone's willing to take the risk that owns one of these phones and wants to potentially make some cool stuff for it, let me know and we can work together to try and get something happening. Obviously I can't guarantee anything, but it's worth a try... hey, even if all we can get is root or TWRP, that's still a whole lot better than nothing

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  2. Cline

    Cline Lurker

    Why not! I've been trying to root and network unlock, with no success.
  3. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    Didn't get to see this until just now. Let me know if you're still up for it, we can try to get that thing unlocked for you. Not sure about network unlock but hopefully I can at least unlock the bootloader to get you some custom ROMs.
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  4. lukerve2

    lukerve2 Lurker

    Please if you can unlock the bootloader or root my revvl , help me.
  5. Jess Penn

    Jess Penn Lurker

    Hello I have a T-Mobile Revvl Plus Coolpad C3701A 32gb and a T-Mobile Revvl 2 32gb I would be glad to try your TWRP/ROOT. Just let me know what you'd like me to do to start it on both of them as I do not use them for a daily cellphone and if I mess them up it's no biggie.
  6. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    Send me a PM with a telegram username or Google Hangouts username. It's been a while since I posted this but I'll see if I can dig up any of the utilities in question
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  7. Overthis

    Overthis Lurker

    I've just gotten a Revel and I'm pretty sure it's been hacked so by all means I'm game
  8. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    How so? let me know whats weird about it
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  9. MichaelLatham

    MichaelLatham Lurker

    Any updates?

    Trying to root for a friend..
  10. jasonmerc

    jasonmerc Well-Known Member
    Recognized Developer Thread Starter

    Gonna be honest with you, I may have had some ideas/tricks up my sleeve when I wrote this before but it's been so long since I did any of this I forget what I was going to try. if you want I'll try to help you out, but I can't promise anything. Shoot me a PM with some contact information (google hangouts, telegram, etc) if you want and we can try to work on it.

    Again, no promises because it's been so long, but that doesn't mean its not worth a shot at least
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  11. s6bobby

    s6bobby Lurker

    Well I'm trying because I've gotten as far as unlocking the bootloader...heres what I think I should do but I'm having difficulty flashing anything maybe I need a new developed mtk cuz I'm so use to Odin on Samsung I'm kinda lost...but anyway maybe now I just work on a Manuel install of the su binary and or simply find a recovery to install it has to be done via pc tho being I'm missing the regular recovery options...so unless I can find someone to tell me how to step by step rebuild the recovery platform menu options etc I gotta try to find the best comparable flash tool for newer mtk devices...
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  12. SoLidwire

    SoLidwire Lurker

    As my OnePlus 6T is owned by mining malware I want to dig into prior to rebuilding. So I'm in with you s6bobby. Committed to attempting to make Revvl 2 Plus useable. I need a clipboard app and with the OS shutting down anything I add to accessibility options, no joy. Also, it appears the 8.1.0 dark mode API is either off or missing. I'd rather brick it then have it dictate how I'm going to work.
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  13. SoLidwire

    SoLidwire Lurker

    I also don't have the Recovery Option - comes up Dead Droid Icon & No Command. Read a few posts which indicated there's a key sequence... I'll spear you the BS I read. No 1 knew for that device but said to try every up down pwr button configuration until something works. I know. BS.. I'm just passing on.
    What I do have that might help is finding there are a few configuration of this exact phone with different names. Here they are:
    List of possible phone search names. Ours is 3GB Ram.
    Alcatel 7 Revvl 2 Plus - 3GB
    Alcatel 7 LTE AM - 2GB
    Revvl 2 Plus - both
    TCL 6062Z - 3GB
    TCL 6062W - 2GB
    TCL 6062 - 2GB & 3GB

    NOT Comparible
    Revvl - Older Different Spec
    Revvl Plus - SAA
    Revvl 2 - Very Different.
    I have touch screen not working correctly. It is probably related to the Samsung charger that came with this device. Obviously must work past this cluster before I can continue. Please let me know if anyone has a fix? Screen will intermittently recognize touch. Works much better while charging, hence I'm looking into the charger.
    Hope to be right back. Be well!
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  14. SoLidwire

    SoLidwire Lurker

    Still messing with TouchScren issue yet found my way into stock Recovery. We all had the 1st part.
    Hold Power, after few seconds, quick release, then Press & hold Power & Vol-Up.
    This brings me to:
    Dead Droid Icon - No Command.
    Press HOLD Power & Touch Vol-Up then release all when Recovery Mode pops up.
    I'll be back after I resolve Touch Screen issues.

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