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to all the people with overheating followed by battery drain.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by johnnyboy1549, May 31, 2010.

  1. johnnyboy1549

    johnnyboy1549 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i have had this problem with my eris a few times and have found something that gets the battery back into a normal charging mode. yesterday was the second time i saw this problem i was using wireless tether and my phone got to about 47C and there after the battery drained and died within an hour even with it plugged into the wall. i tried a battery pull and a reboot (i was trying to stay away from a factory reset) and neither helped, it took an hour to go from 0% battery to 3% which is just crazy. then i got into my ROM Manger (paid version so it has all the extra stuff too) and fixed all my promissions i then powered down my phone did a battery pull for a minute or two to make sure it was fully off and then restarted it. it then started to charge normally. i know i have to way to fix the overheating issue but i know once the battery starts draining it doesnt really wanna charge again or stay charged. last time i had this problem it took two days to get my phone to 97% battery and then after being unplugged it died within 6 hours. so if your phone is rooted and you have ROM Manger or some other program that allows you to fix all the permissions on your phone then you should give it a try next time you get an overheating and battery drain problem to see if it will help anyone other then me. i dont know how many people this will help or who will find it helpful but i figured its a step in some direction for this issue that seems to be becoming more wide spread.

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  2. Flyphoenix

    Flyphoenix Well-Known Member

    The battery is naturally suppose to heat up when charging. I'm thinking you have a bad battery. On my G1 my battery lasted for about 10 mins then it would go dead.
  3. steve500

    steve500 Member

    I'm not rooted, I'm a sorry loser running 2.1v3 leak. My phone will also overheat when USB tethering using PDAnet and downloading a lot of data.
  4. trishuhh

    trishuhh Newbie

    What is "fixing permissions"?
  5. johnnyboy1549

    johnnyboy1549 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    if your phone is rooted and and you have ROM Manger then you can have it fix all your permissions. it helps get the phone a little less buggy. and then isnt an issue with the phone charging it happens when its unplugged or not and yes i know batterys are made to get hot well charging but not 50c..... thats crazy and no where near a safe area for the battery.
  6. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    You are right JohnnyBoy and thanks for your useful suggestion. For the others above, your phone absolutely will overheat when doing heavy tethering or for a long period of time. I hit 50 degrees yesterday.

    Paul Kpolek (sp?) gave a suggestion in the OC/Cooling thread. Flip the phone over, take the battery cover off, and place a cola or beer bottle/can on top of your battery. Make sure you wipe down the bottle so that it doesn't sweat on your battery. I haven't tried it, but he says that he keeps his phone down into the mid 20's to 30 degrees. Take a look at that thread.


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