Dec 26, 2013
Kuala Lumpur
Hi guys

I am looking for best "To Do" android app to quickly capture ideas and organise them into action plan.

Currently using Google Keep, love the simplicity but would love to have option of organising tasks into forlders/projects.

Any recommendations?

Big thanks

Try this: Outliner by Alfred Fritz

I probably use this app more than any other app, including Facebook and e-mail.

It may take a bit to get through the idea of it because it is much more than a To-Do list or a task list, although you can use it as such. the bottom line is, the program lets you think the way you think rather than forcing you to think the way it thinks. You may not even need to buy the Pro version (but worth it in my never-to-be-humble opinion) as the free version will do nearly everything you could ask for.

If you ever used the old Apple program, More II (I just aged myself!), this comes pretty close to what that was.

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