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To Republic Wireless I Go?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by karuto, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. karuto

    karuto Lurker
    Thread Starter

    With the advent of Republic Wireless going truly unlimited with no caps the other day, is there absolutely any way to use my Triumph on this network considering they also use Sprint towers? Would love to know, because spending $6 less a month for essentially the same service would be great.

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  2. marx2k

    marx2k Member

    No, you're not able to use the Triumph. The reason is that their phones are built with...

    Hybrid Calling
  3. marx2k

    marx2k Member

  4. marx2k

    marx2k Member

    Whoa... holy shit.. Unlimited | republic wireless

    I am wrong, you were right. Now if they came out with something more awesome than the LG Optimus, I would absolutely be all about that.

    Also, a question I have is how are their network speeds? If it's any better than what I'm getting from Virgin, I might be very tempted to switch to Republic Wireless myself.
  5. karuto

    karuto Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well, I was thinking that there would be a way to emulate that hybrid calling with something like Google Voice, just to sign up for the network. Either that or use the 3g constantly with RW since it compensates for no Wifi with Sprint towers and just get it to flip to GV within wifi range.
  6. breendrew

    breendrew Member

    I can assure you they won't be any better than VM. The thing about VM vs many other prepaid carriers is that they're owned by the company whose towers they use. Hence in high usage areas, Sprint gets first priority, then VM/Boost and then anyone else.
  7. karuto

    karuto Lurker
    Thread Starter

    That's why I said spending $6 less a month for the same service would be fine by me! :)
  8. jagris

    jagris Newbie

    They are still in beta, you would be wise to wait, they are a startup by bandwidth.com I have been keeping up with RW since they started in November, I would wait a few more months, let them get more phones and be tested.

    They have dropped CUI though, I am glad for that, it was a huge problem. But there may not be a RW tomorrow. They are still in Beta, it would be a risk I would be willing to take if VM didn't exist. RW is the next step forward. I fell that VM is a good way to break away from the Big Cellphone companies, and get off a contract with them. Then RW would be the next step after that.
  9. Verja

    Verja Member

    They are probably going Unlimited so that they can test what people use. Then once it comes out of beta they can create a plan that works for them and their users.

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