Help To root or not to root


I wish there was a way to customize more of the sounds from my phone aside from rooting it. I am completely new to the idea or rooting my phone and am rather...reluctant. It's seem to be too much of a risk to root.

the main sounds i want to change are things like the main system sounds like boot up and shut down and the like. is ther a way? or is it just a pipe dream?


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Notifications (from apps) ring tones etc can be changed without rooting, but you would need to gain root access to system files to change those system sounds. Its not worth it (too much effort, risk and no more OTA updates) just for that in my view. How hard it is to root your phone (if possible at all) depends on what phone it is..


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You can do more with a rooted phone than just the sound files. Do some searching, if someone already rooted the same phone before you then you can pull the trigger.