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To Solve Problems ... Flash over or Wipe?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by jdmba, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. jdmba

    jdmba Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I posted on another thread that when I boot virtuous (stock kernel, no themes, no nothing) It boots through to Lookout running, then reboots from "HTC Truly Incredible" (not all the way back). No one responded to the thread that they have this happening.

    If I wanted this to go away, would I be able to just re-apply Virtuous 3.1 on top of my setup, or do I need to wipe.

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    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    I don't understand your problem. But first try to reinstall Virtuous. You have nothing to loose. If you still have problems you can wipe later if necessary.

    In always good practice to perform a backup in ROM Manager before doing anything.
  3. jdmba

    jdmba Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My problem is more fully stated in another post, but it is fairly simple:
    1) Turn on Incredible running Virtuous 3.1, stock Kernel v4.0, NO CUSTOMIZATIONS

    2) It goes white "HTC Incredible" -> white "HTC quietly brilliant" -> Black/"Words then Red Eye"

    3) Then about 10 seconds after it boots ...

    4) It goes white "HTC quietly brilliant" -> Black/"Words then Red Eye"

    5) Phone runs perfectly after that with no reboots, etc.

    Step 4 is obviously something wrong. My question is ... would reflashing on top of my current setup resolve or do I have to start from ground up with a wipe.


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