To use a Screen Protector or Not


Yeah. I just tried to apply a screen protector to my Nook Tablet. I followed all procedures on how to do this without creating air bubbles. Had the tablet off for hours before attempting this. Wiped the screen of everything. It looked like a mirror when i was done cleaning. Attempted to put the screen protector on. Had my credit card to work out the bubbles as I was applying the protector. Well this was an impossible task. There were so many air bubbles in the middle of the screen. I attempted to get rid of the air bubbles. After a half hour I said to hell with it. Took the protector off and tossed it in the garbage. Do I really need to have a screen protector with my Nook Tablet?


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I haven't tried applying one to the nook yet, but I've put them on phones several times.

It's not unusual to have some air bubbles that you can't rid of.... But as long as there's no debris under the screen protector the air bubbles will usually disappear on their own if you wait several hours - maybe overnight.


I've applied to my Toshiba Thrive and, just last night, to my Nook Tablet. I seem to be incapable of getting it bubble-free - no matter how thoroughly I wipe, I always end up with a particle or two under the sheet that makes a permanent bubble - but at least the bubbles are few in number and confined to the edges of the glass.
I feel better having a protective layer between the glass and the world, just in case something might scratch it.