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"Today in Geek History"

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Jebs Apps, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Oct 11, 2010

    There's a little geek in all of us, and Jebs Apps, LLC is pleased to announce the release of their second set of mobile applications, "Today in Geek History" and "Today in Geek History Lite."

    Geek History is a mobile application (currently available for Android) that displays historical facts for any given date, covering topics from Space, Technology, People, Books, Movies and TV shows (just to name a few). For example, did you know on August 29, 1982 – Meitnerium, atomic number 109, was first synthesized in Darmstadt, Germany?

    Other apps may provide facts about history, but Geek History has over 1600 facts in their database (and growing), and it allows you to share them via Twitter, text messaging, email, and many more! Jebs Apps also provides a web version to view from your desktop computer, iPhone, or any other mobile device at Today in Geek History from Jebs Apps, LLC.

    While the application was designed with "geeks" in mind, geeks and non-geeks have found it fun and useful.

    "The information on this app is very useful, with fun filled facts. Love it!" said Anthony Maldonado.

    "I found a bit of a gem in our tips inbox. ...a new app of interest to geeks everywhere" raved Gord McLeod (GeekBeat.TV).

    Geek History comes in two flavors, the Lite and Paid version. Geek History Lite is the same as Geek History, except it’s supported by advertisements and lets you view the events for the current date. For 99 cents, it will remove the ad’s, you can search for any date and it will allow you to share these facts via various social networking applications.

    Jebs Apps, LLC (Jebs Apps, LLC) was founded by three friends who wanted to make mobile applications that people would enjoy and want to use. We offer full and “Lite” versions of our applications (Lite versions contain limited functionality and are supported by advertisements). Our applications are currently being used in over 59 countries, with the larger markets being United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Canada.

    For more information, visit our website at: www.JebsApps.com or email us at info [at] jebsapps.com



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