Today's topic is THROTTLE


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Wow its on like popcorn yes for all of the cell phone holders like me and a few that eats data like its candy. That word THROTTLE is huge in court with at&t not your local mechanic. Just look for yourself

I know at&t isn't the only one smellz like I seen a cricket straight talking to a T-Mobile about a sprint . Hahaha just trying to make some talk on this and everyone has something to say. Just keep it on topic .. I just want to know how are they going to pay for this :eek::what::D


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I'm not sure this is anything more than sensationalizing. Every network is self-throttling when capacity is reached and every switch will either automatically or by rule prioritize data throughput. What AT&T promised was unlimited data, not unlimited bandwidth.


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I've used AT&T and T-Mobile concurrently for years, I'm such a smartphone addict... Heh!

The only significant change I've noticed in the last few months is the LTE Speeds, when measured with OOKLA Speedtest.

AT&T averages 4.2 Mbps download / 3.6 Mbps upload

T-Mobile averages 12.2 Mbps down / 15.0 Mbps up

Has anyone else noticed this dramatically different result? I've averaged multiple back to back tests from the same server for accuracy.

AT&T is usually faster, then it changed.

What's your take on this?


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It's possible T-Mobile upgraded your local towers and/or back haul.

You're right.

But my concern is the dreadfully slow AT&T results. I hadn't checked them for awhile, yet noticed a slowdown which prompted me to check.


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here in Arlington Texas... speed tests for ATT
40 to 50 mbs!!!!

I was on Sprint.. they can kiss their unlimited crap!
I was getting around .5 mbs with them.. or less.
having a great car (Samsung Note 3) with Unlimited mileage (unlimited data).. but only able to drive below 10 mph (below .5 mbs).. is useless