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Toffee : Line Puzzle Game. Connect Dots. Shapes. (by Urmobi)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iTP, Sep 3, 2020.

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    Do you like playing puzzle and solving puzzles? Collect shapes from the lines!

    Do you like sweets, marshmallows, marmalade, and other sweets? Do you like smart games? Then drop by us! In the fascinating Toffee puzzle, you will go on a journey across the planet of sweets with the owner of the pastry shop in search of the best cake recipes for his cookbook! Go through hundreds of interesting levels, earn candies, bake and collect cakes for your collection to unlock even more interesting levels, collect more points and lines! Train your cleverness and test your skills in a line puzzle with beautiful ropes in super-difficult bonus levels! Just swipe and collect the shapes!

    How to play puzzles with ropes, rubber bands, and lines?

    Stretch the elastic, and even too large sizes.
    In the nodes of the lattice, the elastic can be fixed with dots to stretch and twist it in unpredictable directions.
    Remember that already set dots and lines cannot be moved!
    A gum candy can cross itself only at knot points, but cannot overlap itself.
    If you make a mistake - it doesn't matter, you can always cancel the move, or reset the level, while you don't lose anything, our puzzle does not have such resources as life or energy!
    If playing has become quite tricky, you can use the tips. One hint will show three moves.

    What's interesting in the Toffee Rope puzzle?

    ⭐️ Rewards for daily entry - tips, cakes, and images!
    ⭐️ Skins! Change the appearance of gum and dots. And no deception, all of them can be received as a daily reward if you work hard enough to solve puzzles and puzzles to collect all the bonuses for the day!
    ⭐️ Bake all the cakes for the Rabbit confectionery and get access to super-complex bonus levels where you need to collect the pieces . But the complexity is justified by awards. You will receive more rewards for your skill!
    ⭐️ No time limit or other resources is restricting your game. You can play our rope puzzle without the internet!
    ⭐️ Suitable for the whole family, both for adults and children.
    ⭐️ For a smartphone and tablet, and your progress saved on our server, so you can enjoy the game on different devices while maintaining your growth!
    ⭐️ For our free game, you do not need an active Internet connection.

    And do not forget to put cakes in the oven while playing the Toffee puzzle with lines and dots!

    If you suddenly have ideas on how to improve our puzzle or encounter any difficulties, write to us at info@urmobi.games, and we will be happy to hear your opinion and help you solve problems.

    Price : Free
    Download link:

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    I created a channel for your game. Good luck
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Toffee : Line Puzzle Game. Free Rope Shapes Game

Toffee : Line Puzzle Game. Free Rope Shapes Game Forum


August 17, 2020
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